Finding Balance Between Work and Play With Jade Rasif

Author: Kristen McCloud / Photos: Grace Bukunmi
02.18 / MB Series

DJ Jade Rasif has rapidly taken over Asia with her high-energy, feel-good presence and beats that she always brings to each show she performs at. But her talent doesn't stop there. Aside from ranking as one of Singapore's top DJs, Jade also stars on the TV Drama Tanglin as Sheila Oh. On top of that, Jade is also studying as a Psychology student, showing us all that there is really no excuse not to work as hard as you play. We caught up with Jade at It's The Ship Fest to learn more about how she juggles school and her fast-paced life as a high-profile DJ and actress. Get to know her below!

How did you get into acting?
For a year or so I declined acting offers because I was shy and my voice was “too squeaky” for TV. But one day the casting directors at Mediacorp emailed me and offered me a role as the girlfriend of my childhood crush. I took it and 3 years later I’m still honored that I get to work on this production.

What’s the best and worst part about being an actress?
I’ll just say it--I hate the hours. I can stay up all night. A 6am closing set? No problem! But ask me to wake up at 8am for filming? It’s tough. We end late too... Recently I’ve had days up to 16 hours long.

The best part is the people I’ve met along the way. I’ve met some amazing people and good friends. I’ve had really great memories from filming.

You’re also a psych student, how do you balance school and work? Why did you decide to study psychology?
I don’t sleep much and I’ve always been fascinated with the human mind--it’s wild.

"I’ve met some amazing people and good friends. I’ve had really great memories from filming."

You host and attend a lot of events for music, how do you stay so fit while going out often?
It’s a physically demanding job so I think I run around so much that I don’t gain a lot of weight.

Best cure for a hangover after a night out?
Koi! Milk tea.

What’s the best music festival or show you've been to and why?
I loved DESIIGNER live at Djakarta Warehouse Project. It was my first real live hip-hop performance and his energy was inspiring.

What are three hidden gems in Singapore?
1. Cups n Canvas where you can paint while having brunch is a great for time out with friends.
2. The fish farms at Sungei Tengah.
3. If I’m feeling stressed, I like to walk along Chinatown down to Little India because it’s full of heritage and people. I always stop at Dim Sum House for their crispy shrimp.

What does MISSBISH mean to you and who’s your MISSBISH?
My MISSBISH is my best friend, Dhiviyaa. She’s the bravest, kindest and most adventurous person I know. She is currently traveling the world. I’m the opposite, I'd rather stay home--the world is so overwhelmingly big. But watching her travel inspires me and gives me strength when I’m touring and homesick.

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