Finding Mind & Body Balance With Holly Rilinger

Author: Zenna Wilberg / Photos: Valine Brana
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Holly Rilinger exemplifies strength and inspiration, which is what makes her such a phenomenal coach. She's a Nike Master Trainer, former pro basketball player, and creator of LIFTED, a method that encourages both mind and body training. She's also a published author, and advocate for various social issues. We chatted with Holly about where she gets her drive, and how she achieves balance at the same time. Check it out below!

Tell us a little about LIFTED. What prompted you to create LIFTED?
LIFTED is a method I created that combines meditation with HIIT. It’s mind and body training bundled up in one class. As an athlete, I understood the importance of training my mind the same way I trained my body. I knew that if stepped on the court with the wrong mindset, it wouldn’t matter how skilled or superior I was physically. I wouldn’t perform my best. This is the same power meditation has in our lives. LIFTED brings the physical and the mental together in a 60-minute beat-based class.   

What’s it like working with a major company like Nike?
It’s been a blast working with a company that I’ve admired my entire life. What athlete doesn’t dream of being a Nike Sponsored Athlete? I sure did. Becoming a NIKE Master Trainer is pretty much the next best thing! I’ve led workouts all over the world with this incredible brand and I’m both honored and grateful for the opportunity.

What’s your best advice for living a balanced life?
I don’t have any novel advice here. It’s pretty simple for me: All things in moderation. This means I eat, sleep and sweat in moderation. If I workout too much I’m going to be tired and my body will suffer. If I sleep too much I feel lazy. If I eat too much I don’t feel good. Nothing is great in excess. I also make sure I take a mini vacation every 6-8 weeks to keep myself fresh and excited about my life. We all need a break… Even when we love what we do.  I typically head to warm weather--the sun is where I recharge.

"It’s pretty simple for me: All things in moderation."

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about being a successful coach?
I’ve learned to really listen. When you listen people feel heard and they feel important. Human connection is one of the most healing and powerful tools we possess. I have to connect to my clients deeply to help them. This requires listening.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions women have about achieving their fitness goals?
Sadly I still think that women are afraid of lifting weights. I still have to convince women to pick up a heavier weight on a daily basis.

Do you ever struggle with drive/motivation? How would you overcome this?
Heck yeah! You kidding me? All the time. It’s really tough when I spend so many hours in the gym training clients. Oftentimes, the last thing I want to do is spend another hour training myself. I’m lucky I live in NYC and there are literally hundreds of different classes that I can take. When I can’t motivate myself I sign up for a class and let someone else take the wheel.

What are some of your must-have workout essentials?
1. Nike Metcon 4s.
2. OWYN Protein Recovery Drinks.
3, La Prairie Moisturizer.
4. ALL GOOD Deodorant (all their products to be honest).

Any new projects in the works you can tell us a little about?
Yep! I’m launching a LIFTED Coaching Program. I released my first book last year and I’m busy bringing it to life through practical strategies. I’m offering both personal and group remote coaching. I can work with you anywhere anytime. I’m excited to expand my reach this year! I’m also working on a few streaming workout projects.

What does MISSBISH mean to you and who is your MISSBISH?
MISSBISH is all about being strong; confident yet authentic. It’s about walking your own walk, and talking your own talk and doing it so well. My MISSBISH is my beautiful partner Jennifer Ford. She’s a breast cancer survivor, the greatest mom in the world and founded a non-profit called BENT ON LEARNING, which brings yoga into underprivileged school systems.

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