Finding Themselves Through Their Sound | Meet Hey Violet

09.09 / MISSBISH Artist Series

Similar to the pop punk bands of the early 2000s, Hey Violet is all about music that harnesses the adolescent angst we’ve all experienced--but with a modern day twist. The band has found their unique style by fusing a familiar alt rock vibe with a touch of EDM sound that is popular with today’s younger generation. The band has toured with 5 Seconds of Summer, released chart-topping singles, and has just dropped their debut album From the Outside. Composed of Rena Lovelis and her sister Nia, Miranda Miller, Casey Moreta, and Iain Shipp, Hey Violet is rapidly putting themselves on the map. We chatted with lead singer, Rena, about the band’s quick rise from newcomer to rock star status.

In true “everything happens for a reason” fashion, Hey Violet was created after a previous band that Rena and Nia were a part of wasn’t working out. “It was just kind of a turn of events that became Hey Violet,” Lovelis tells us. The new, happenstance band was faced--as all bands are--with the challenge of finding a cohesive sound that was all their own and true to themselves as artists. They often looked to other popular musicians as sources of inspiration and when it comes to musical influences, Hey Violet’s muses range across the board. “During the album process we listened to a lot of The Weeknd, Melanie Martinez, St. Lucia, and a lot of ‘80s artists that have really amazing synth melodies,” Lovelis says. “I don’t think we sound like those artists as a band but I really think they have had a hand in helping us find our own path.”

"Now we have had the chance to say we wrote this album unapologetically... We really found ourselves in the process and hopefully, we continue to do that and continue to grow."

By pulling from diverse artists and adding their own fresh perspective into their music, Hey Violet found their individuality and now bring something new to the table. However, the process has been a challenge. When asked about the most difficult part of coming up in the music industry, Lovelis states, “I definitely think it was the process of finding our sound. At the very beginning, we were so shy and we hadn’t really come out of our shells yet.” But by diving into the album process with transparency and fearlessness, the band has become exponentially more confident. “Now we have had the chance to say we wrote this album unapologetically and really made something that we’re super proud of,” Lovelis says. "We really found ourselves in the process and hopefully, we continue to do that and continue to grow.”

It seems as though Hey Violet is on the fast track to doing just that, with their catchy songs capturing the ears of many and their honest lyrics offering unmatched relatability. “It’s kind of scary... getting up on stage every night and just being like, ‘Hi this is the journal of my life.’ It’s pretty weird,” Lovelis confesses. But she also lets us know that feeling is what the entire album is all about. “What we meant for [From the Outside] as the album title, is that basically, you’re looking from the outside in at your life; your love life, your relationships, your friendships, everything. You’re taking it from different perspectives and finding yourself through the different views that you have on it.” While it may be nerve-racking, the band refuses to shy away from the sincerity that has gotten them this far.

Between Teen Choice nominations, headlining festivals, and continuously dropping exciting new videos for their album, Hey Violet is always looking to reach their next big goal. With one of their most memorable shows being performing alongside 5SOS at Madison Square Garden, Hey Violet hopes to take on the arena as their own one day. “That was definitely a big deal and a huge show for us. One of our dreams is to one day headline that and hopefully sell it out, that would just be incredible.” With the success of their current album and plans to get back in the studio to start recording a second one, that goal is definitely within reach. Be sure to keep Hey Violet on your radar; we're excited to see where their music takes them.

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