Flashback Friday | Photographer, Aviva Klein

Author: Kristen McCloud / Photos: Aviva Klein
08.03 / MB Series

For Flashback Fridays, we're reopening the conversation with different BISHes we have interviewed in the past; seeing how their attitudes and creativity have evolved over time. This week, we're bringing photographer Aviva Klein back onto the radar and learning more about her journey into documentary-style shooting. See more below!

How has your work/professional life changed since we last spoke to you?
Since we last spoke 3 years ago, I’ve been much more intentional about working with nonprofits and on my storytelling--with still images as well as the moving image. I recently worked on directing a video piece for a nonprofit providing critical services to homeless and mentally ill New Yorkers. I am in the middle of directing and producing a 2nd piece for them that documents a homeless man’s journey from living in shelters to moving into his very first independent apartment.

What's the biggest difference you've seen in your industry?
The demand for engagement is overwhelming. A huge change in the photo industry has been the massive impact of social media- specifically with the advancement of Instagram. Not only do you have a feed to maintain, but now you have the addition of Stories and IGTV.

How has getting yourself or your work seen changed?
I haven’t changed the way my work is seen. It was a grind then and still is. Newsletters, multiple social media platforms, meetings with various photo editors and agencies, networking events, constantly updating my website, physical mailers, entering contests, portfolio reviews, doing interviews like this one.

Any changes in how you market yourself or your brand?
I’ve added Director to my skillset, so I make sure that is established with every potential/current client I connect with and everything I do.

Anything that you know now that you wish you had known then? What's the biggest lesson you've learned?
I’ve learned a lot in the accounting area. I wish I had the financial literacy that I have now. Also, the more experience I gain I am realizing that nothing happens linearly.

Where do you see your future going?
I am getting into long-form scripted storytelling for TV/film.

What advice do you have for others when handling things not going as planned or adapting to changes?
Breathe and don’t panic. Also, make sure you have a good support system. Whether it’s a partner, co-workers, family or friends – having a community that you can lean on is critical.

See our first interview with Aviva here.

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