Former Nike Designer, Kristin Hildebrand, Launches a New Luxury Activewear Label

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
04.19 / Style

Kristen Hildebrand, former Women's Nike Designer, is using her talents to create something brand new in the Athleisure department. Having spent seven years at the company and eventually being named the creative concept director, Hildebrand has learned what women want in their athletic wear.

Her new project, called 'Wone,' is a high-end activewear line focused on both minimalism and quality. It is sold direct to consumer in limited runs, only available in chic black. The fabric is of the highest quality, as Hildebrand explains, "Within the industry in general, these are fabrications you won't see ever, specifically because it's too expensive. We've got fabrics that are $20 a yard versus fabrics that most brands are working on which are $2.50 to $4. They're only approved for 50 washes; we're approved for 50,000 washes."

Thanks to the highest quality available fabrics, Wone ranges in price from about $150 to $320 USD, but you can be sure the pieces will last. The first Wone collection features five styles in very limited quantities. Collections are planned to drop twice a year and are only available to those approved by Hildebrand herself. This is all a part of her strategy to have a personal connection with her clients. She says, "I want to have a different relationship with my clients than I had in the past. I want to know my clients, I want to understand if they're liking things if they're not and reasons why. I want them to have access to me."

If interested in purchasing Wone, individuals must sign up for email updates. From there, Hildebrand selects a limited number of members who have a week to make their purchase. The exclusivity elevates the brand for sure and piques interest from the beginning.

Those interested can view some of the collection above and sign up online at Wone. 

Source: Fashionista

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