From Finance To Fitness | Meet Antonia da Cruz of GuavaPass

Author: Diannalyn Dy / Photos: Stanley Cheng
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After resigning from a finance job in Singapore, Antonia da Cruz found her calling in fitness with GuavaPass. Fitness had always been part of Antonia's lifestyle so by fate, fitness fell into place when she was approached with an opportunity to work in a field she had always enjoyed. Through GuavaPass, Antonia has found many exciting new workouts like kangoo jumps and bungee fitness to share with its subscribers, where fitness and fun can be easily integrated into their own personal lifestyle.

We got to chat with Antonia da Cruz about how she finds time between work and workouts and she even shares some fitness tips. Get to know more about her below!

You started off working in finance, what was the spark that inspired you to switch gears and go into fitness?
I wasn’t actively pursuing a career in fitness. It all happened by chance as I had just resigned from my banking job in Singapore and was looking to take some time off to figure out my next move. I used to gym quite regularly on lunch breaks (markets were bad so we didn't have much deal flow at the time!) and one day my boss said, "you should go work in the gym!" Shortly after, a good friend of mine (who I also used to workout with) then approached me with the idea for GuavaPass and I moved back to Hong Kong and the rest is history!

What challenges or hurdles have you had to overcome with growing GuavaPass?
Just the growing pains of a brand new startup which I'm sure a lot of companies can relate to. Finding the right team players, dealing with bugs that just seemingly pop up from nowhere, educating the market, modifying the business model, keeping overheads low, ensuring we provide the best service, etc.

How do you find balance between work, fitness, and personal time?
I think I can probably say I am one of the rare and lucky individuals that can meld work, fitness and personal time all into one! For example, say I'm signing up a yoga studio, I have to try the class to make sure it is of high quality and meets our standards and then when I'm in the session, I'm in full and total immersion.

What has been your favorite workout class that you’ve discovered through GuavaPass?
Does a gong bath count? (joking) Hmm.. this is a tough one. I've enjoyed discovering so many new classes like rebounding at BounceLimit, kangoo jumps and bungee fitness at XP Fitness Studio, but I still just love to do yoga, weights and more recently, meditation at our new partner studio Enhale.

How do you stay fit when you travel?
It depends where I go but I'll usually suss out some sort of hiking trail if that's an option. On beach holidays I'll engage in all types of water sports, and on city breaks, if it’s a place I’ve never been to before - I’ll walk around and explore. Otherwise, shopping is my cardio!

Who and what is on your workout playlist?
It was previously full of only EDM, house and rock music for my more cardio fuelled workouts. But now I tend to listen to more soft house and lounge music.

What are your guilty pleasure meals on cheat days?
Pizza... cake. Or just generally fried and fatty foods! I mean, who doesn't like spring rolls? I could eat rolls of them - and I actually had them with every meal on a recent trip to Vietnam, oops!

What is a fitness myth you would want to debunk?
That you can't let your knees go past your toes in a squat. I've heard this so many times everywhere and that it is dangerous for your knees, etc., but I've looked this up and several studies have actually proven that your knees can take a lot of pressure and squatting with knees over toes is normal and safe. It's only if you lean forward too much where the problem or injury occurs.

What are some tips to help those stay motivated during their fitness journey?
Set some simple goals to work towards and then reward yourself once you've accomplished something! Support from family & friends helps too! I love working out with friends.

Makeup by: Charlotte Tilbury

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