“Game Day” Editorial by asimOverstands

Author: Josephine Cruz
11.08 / Style

Canadian photographer Asim Overstands is known on Instagram for his portraits and urban street snaps, but this multifaceted shutterbug has interests in a broad spectrum of styles including fashion photography. Here we are teaming up with Asim to showcase his latest editorial, “Game Day,” which features a trio of looks that represent the MISSBISH lifestyle — a little bit of sport, a little bit of street and a whole lot of style.

Styled by Savannah Qiu, “Game Day” perfectly blends high and mid-range fashion labels and features pieces from brands and labels including Calvin Klein, Bape, Supreme, Zara, Chloe, Alexander Wang, Topshop, Nike and Chanel.  With the rise of the athleisure aesthetic, incorporating sportswear into one’s everyday wardrobe is commonplace, which is what inspired the editorial.

“I love seeing women who aren’t afraid to play around with mixing high fashion labels with streetwear,” says Asim. “I think it’s really cool that streetwear used to be this underground subculture that was mostly for men, rooted in skateboarding and surfing and such, and sportswear was reserved for working out in. Now both have become a part of the mainstream and all these high fashion labels are incorporating elements of street and sportswear into their designs. That’s really what inspired the editorial: the idea that nowadays women can wear sneakers with their dress pants or skirts, or mix Supreme and Chloe and be very sexy, feminine and badass at the same time.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Photos by: asimOverstands | Styled by: Savannah Qiu |
Model: Summer Morgan | Hair: Canadace Pearson |
Makeup: Breanne Sinclair

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