Get Lifted | Tight Club Launches New Weight Lifting Workshop

02.05 / Fitness

Tight Club Athletics and trainer Andrea Barber have launched their newest three-part weight training workshop called Get Lifted. In this workshop, lifting is not just for men, but women can easily do it too. Andrea explains how there are actually benefits from strength training such as stress relief, weight loss, bone health, confidence and of course, fun. She says, "if you don't enjoy it, then you probably won't stick with it."

Andrea didn't always have a positive when it came to exercise; growing up, she was constantly working out and rehabbing, which led to her developing orthorexia- a condition that includes symptoms of obsessive behavior in pursuit of a healthy diet. She took a break from working out and tried to find the love she once had for exercise. After the passing of her father and going through depression and PTSD, she found that the only thing that got her through her days was a workout class. Now at Tight Club, she is able to share her love and passion for exercise and help women see that working out not only has a physical reward, but also a mental reward which ultimately makes them thr.e best BISHES they can be.

Check out Tight Club Athletics online for more of her story and further information about Get Lifted.

Photos by: Bree Sopatyk

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