Get Lit & Fit With DJ Tigerlily

When DJ Tigerlily isn't on tour playing at major music festivals around the world, you can find her working out and sharing new healthy recipes with her followers on Instagram. The EDM DJ and health enthusiast has turned both of her passions into a living and is currently an ambassador for both JBL speakers and adidas Originals. Tigerlily shows us that embracing your inner party girl doesn't have to take a toll on your body. We caught up with the DJ at Singaporean music festival It's the Ship to learn more about why she loves DJing and how she stays healthy on tour. Check it out below!

How would you describe your musical style?
Big room house, electro house, vocal EDM; a good vibes machine.

What’s something that most people don’t know about work life as a DJ/producer that you wish they did?
I think that most people only see the glamorous life that we as DJs and artists portray on social media. In actuality, it can be quite a lonely and grueling life full of plane flights, long hours, late nights, and empty hotel rooms. However, I am so grateful for my job and in love with so many elements of it and wouldn't change it for the world.

Do you ever get nervous before performing? How do you deal?
Nope! I used to but not anymore.

What has been a favorite show of yours to play at?
It's the Ship, of course!

How do you balance your hectic schedule with being healthy?
Time management and prioritization. Everyone is busy, but if you want to make time for something, you can. When I'm at home I like to have a busy schedule with lots of healthy activities i.e. cooking, working out, incidental activity (i.e. social sports or family walks), as well as other routines that compliment my health including saunas, facials, etc. When I'm on tour I have way less time and less energy to do any of this, so I try and relax and not let it worry me. The most important thing is to listen to your body as it's incredibly smart and will tell you what it needs whether it be sleep, exercise, or meditation.

What are your favorite workouts to do when you're on the go and can't commit to your usual routine?
Yoga is great as you can do it anywhere, anytime. Going for a run is also a great way to see a city when you don't have a gym. I always take an ab roller with me on tour to get a quick core workout whenever I want, as well as some resistance bands which are great for hotel room floor workouts.

How about favorite on the go snacks?

What’s it like to work with major brands like adidas?
It's incredibly humbling to work with such incredible brands. I still consider myself a regular girl from Australia, so to work with a huge global brand like adidas, well, I pinch myself every day. I love adidas and everything that they're about. They empower young women all over the world to love their bodies, to strive for greatness, and to embrace fitness in whatever shape best works for them.

What are three hidden gems in Sydney?
The Bakehouse Coffee at Maroubra Beach (order a strong almond latte and drink it while looking out at the ocean). Rushcutters Bay Park--the perfect place for a picnic on a weekend. Also, Gigi's Pizzeria in Newtown which has the best vegan pizza in the world, hands down.

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