Get Period Sex-Positive With THINX New Blanket

Author: Diandra Barsalou
06.25 / Lifestyle

Hold on to your... period blankets. THINX is taking period positivity to a whole new level with the release of their period sex blanket, available in a limited quantity starting at their NYC pop-up and now online. Using the same absorption technology as their wildly popular period panties and workout shorts, the blanket looks and feels more like a luxurious satin throw that will save your sheets. Hint: it doesn't have to be used just for period absorption...

While the verdict on period sex will likely always be out since it's a very personal matter, THINX is hoping to open more dialogue in the greater media on a taboo subject that isn't really that taboo for women.

"So many people are made to feel afraid or ashamed of having sex on their period," said Maria Molland Selby, CEO of THINX, in a press release. "But the truth is that period sex is totally safe and natural. In fact, orgasms release hormones that can sometimes help ease the pain of menstrual cramps."

Yep, it's true. "For some women, sexual activity—and especially orgasm—can relieve the pain of cramps and headaches that coincide with the early days of a period," Sari Cooper, certified sex therapist and director of Center for Love and Sex in New York City, previously told Shape.

Source: Shape