Get Ready to Rumble with Christina Jensen of Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing--if you haven’t heard of it, you should definitely sign up for a class. I had the opportunity to attend a 45-minute class in NoHo, NYC with trainer Christina Jensen. I've never boxed before in my life and this class literally kicked my butt for every single minute but luckily, during last five minutes of the class, Christina bumped DMX while we did some stretches to cool down. The verdict: definitely a must-try class! Christina was an amazing motivator and we had the chance to get some tips and info from her about boxing and her studio. Check it out below!

What are the benefits of boxing? 
Boxing is an incredible sport that will challenge not only your physical endurance, agility, and strength, but your mental endurance as well. Boxing is all about technique and confidence. Knowing you can delve into a class that will amp up your mental and physical confidence is priceless.

What tips would you give to a first timer planning on attending a class at Rumble?
For any first-timers coming to Rumble, I would tell them to be open and know that the class is designed for all fitness levels. Make sure you come early to attend the pre-class that happens five minutes before class. Your teacher will go over everything you’ll need to know about the class from boxing technique to where the weights are located. Stand close to the instructor so you can really see their demos. Whether you are a beginner, have been training, or have been boxing your whole life,  this workout will not only be fun and motivating, but also challenging. Expect to sweat and have a blast while doing it. Also, expect to become a boxing fan if you aren’t already one. This class is so fun, you will not leave feeling the same about working out ever again!

You were so encouraging during the class I attended, how do you personally stay motivated?
I stay motivated because I know what it feels like to be on the other side. Whether it's being in shape and healthy by example or trying to get there. Being a professional dancer my whole life, you basically become a professional class-taker. You take thousands of classes and see what works and what doesn’t. I wanted to become that coach and trainer that was all of the amazing things that helped me fall in love with classes. Knowing you have a room of people there to be with you because they trust you is all the motivation I need to fuel me.

What is your coaching philosophy?
It's not about me, it's about you! But it’s up to me to be the best I can and adapt to every need of every person at any given time.

Why is Rumble different than other studios?
There are a dozen reasons why, but I have never worked anywhere where every single person is equally passionate about their job! You are inspired and motivated by the energy and passion around you. Everyone cares about what they do and takes great care in making sure the class and product are well thought out and delivered with high execution. It's a well-oiled machine that takes decades to perfect! We have mastered all of those things from training to helping people at the front desk because we all have years of experience behind us to know what the people want. We know what people want and need and deliver exactly that and more!

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