Get Ready To Take Notes From Saint Ivory’s All-Girls Academy

Author: Diannalyn Dy / Photos: Rupert Lamontage
02.19 / MB Series

Streetwear has primarily been a male dominated culture and Saint Ivory is here to revolutionize that streetwear stigma. Saint Ivory’s All-Girls Academy is driven by education, design, and uniformed clothing to create a new lifestyle platform for women where they can collaborate and empower each other through creativity and narratives. Learn more about the brand and what they stand for with our interview with them below!

What are you most excited about launching Saint Ivory?
The educational aspect of Saint Ivory. As a platform, Saint Ivory will look to introduce new audiences to emerging female talent.

As a brand, we will produce narrative-driven designs independently or through collaboration with emerging female talent to promote discovery.

What were the inspirations that went into creating this brand?
The lack of representation of the female voice in streetwear played a pivotal role in the creation of Saint Ivory.

The inspiration was to look beyond product and make an effort to create much greater opportunity; further, introduce streetwear’s male-dominated space to the world of female creatives.

Saint Ivory’s “Semester 0” incorporates academia in its collection, what is something you’d want to educate others on the culture of streetwear?
Reintroducing the idea of community. The culture of streetwear has always been community driven since its formation.

Take into consideration the design references for Semester 0, we focused on unity and collaboration in our “Girl Guides” pullover and empowerment in our “Lady Ivory” crewneck. The models used for the lookbook were creatives themselves; some were painters, design students, and entrepreneurs.

As Saint Ivory grows as a brand/platform, the idea is to concentrate on how we can further discovery and introduce new audiences to the brand’s community in each action we make.

This collection is a nod to Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, who said: “my work is not about ‘form follows function,’ but ‘form follows beauty’ or, even better, ‘form follows feminine.” Who are some of the women that have inspired you?
Lina Bo Bardi, Zaha Hadid, Rei Kawakubo, Phoebe Philo, Sade, and Janet Champ.

With Saint Ivory being a platform for women, how do you want them to feel when wearing your pieces?
Empowered, supported, and heard.

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