Get To Know Artist On The Rise, Kiana Ledé

Author: Angela Fernandez
12.05 / MB Series

Kiana Ledé, our newest MISSBISH, is a pretty big deal; not only is her debut EP Selfless gaining over 20 million streams, but she also landed a starring role in All About the Washingtons alongside Rev Run. The young LA-based artist is full of soul and passion for both her music and acting career. Each track of Selfless tells a story about love and heartbreak; while listening to the album, one can't help but think how such a young girl can sing with such power and emotion. Kiana Ledé is definitely someone you need to look out for, learn more about her below...

Congratulations on the release of your EP, Selfless. What was the inspiration behind this project?
Thank you! I wrote Selfless coming out of a 3-year relationship with my first love that I ended because he cheated on me. It’s about the journey of self-love and realization during the heartbreak and growth after that relationship.

What piqued your interest in music and when did you realize you wanted to pursue it as a career?
It was never a particular moment. My mom taught me the ABCs when I was 16 months old and I just never stopped. I guess I didn’t really have another choice because having songs play in my head all day was preventing me from being productive in any other areas of my life. Ha, ha.

Can you walk us through your songwriting process?
My songs usually start with a little therapy session. I talk through what I’m going through at the moment and we make a track based off of that emotion. Then, I go into the booth and sing melodies with gibberish words. You can never understand exactly what I’m saying but you can feel it.  Then we move onto lyrics.

Music to many is like an escape. How do you want people to feel after listening to your music?
I want people to feel heard, understood, and like they have a friend helping them through the hardships of living in your early 20s.

Flipping scripts to your other career, when did you begin acting and what was your first breakthrough role?
I had acted my whole life in musical theatre but never knew I could do it as a career. I did musical theatre because there weren’t many opportunities to practice performing in Phoenix. I had been auditioning since 2015 and booked my first show, which was MTV’s Scream, in 2016.

You’ve accomplished a lot at the age of 21, from hit singles to leading acting roles, what are you working on next in music and acting?
Thank you! I recently wrapped a tour with Jessie J and Ro James and now I'm working on an album.

Is it challenging balancing your music career with your acting?
It’s definitely challenging. I’m doing two full-time jobs that I don’t clock out of. Sometimes I worry that I’m not giving enough attention to either, but I like staying busy so I wouldn’t want to have it any other way!