Get To Know Multitalented MISSBISH Charm LaDonna

Author: Angela Fernandez

Compton beauty, Charm LaDonna, has had dancing on her mind from a young age and now has a pretty impressive resume. She has choreographed for artists such as Meghan Trainor, Fergie, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, and more. Not only is she a highly admired choreographer but she also dedicates time to giving back to her community. Read more in our interview with her below!

How did you get your start in dancing and at what age did you know you that you wanted to pursue this full time?
I started dancing when I was 3 years old. My mom tells this story that one day I just came to her and said: "Mama, I wanna dance." She took me to a recreational program near our house and the teacher there suggested that my mom send me to an actual dance school, (Regina's) in Hollywood. I guess that she saw potential in my abilities at a young age. LOL. Nevertheless, my mom decided to take me and I've been dancing ever since.

What is your first memory connected to dance?
Honestly, my first memory connected to dance is probably my recital when I was about 4 or 5 and I had a tap solo. I remember wearing my sailor hat and being so happy to have one.

You were born in Compton, California, what are some of your favorite things to do when you are back home? What are some hidden gems?
I still live in Los Angeles, but mostly I enjoy just being with family and friends. I don't get to be with them as much as I would like due to work and travel. Hidden gems? I would have to say the people.

How was the transition from performer/choreographer to artist/actor and do you have any upcoming acting projects?
To be 100, the transition is still happening. I love choreographing -- I've been blessed and fortunate to be able to work with some of the most influential artists of our time, but I love and enjoy all of the arts. I've performed in plays as a child and was even in a girl group as a teen. But I feel like the time is now. So I've currently been in acting classes, auditioning while working on my EP. I'm not afraid to say that I'm still learning and growing as an artist in general.

“People will always have opinions about everything, so don't take anything personal from a person that doesn't know you personally."

Currently, you mentor kids in LA sharing your love and passion for what you do, tell us what drove you to share your experiences with the younger generation.
Oh, I love kids. The youth -- I learn just as much from them as they learn from me. I really just fell into teaching, not knowing the impact that I could potentially have on any student. Teaching, for me, was never just about the steps or dance, it has been about preparing another generation and providing them with life tools that inspire them to be kind, driven, and empowered humans. So with that, it's just something I have to do and will always do.

You have worked with the likes of Meghan Trainor, Britney Spears, and Grammy award winner Kendrick Lamar, is there a specific artist that you have not worked with that you are looking forward to choreographing for?
I would love to work with Bruno Mars. I just think he's so organically fly. I would like to choreograph more for film and television as well.

Who has been your biggest influence or mentor to date?
That's easy: Fatima Robinson. Hands down.

What would you like to accomplish in the next five years?
Within the next five years, I would like to have been in a feature film. But let's be more specific because I'm into manifesting everything. So a lead in a feature film, touring a show performing my own music, and starting a non-profit.

Having to work with a lot of people, you are constantly in the public eye, what has this taught you?
People will always have opinions about everything, so don't take anything personal from a person that doesn't know you personally.

What tracks or albums do you have on heavy rotation at the moment?
6lack - Free 6lack
Migos - Culture
Banks- "F*ck with Myself"
Erykah Badu - Baduizm

Photographer: Christina Choi

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