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Over the years, Brooke Olimpieri has successfully self-taught her way into the world of creative direction and photography. Her film photos that focus on equal parts femininity, attitude, and nostalgia have created a vibe that's uniquely her own and have allowed her to develop her own personal brand, Filthy Mouth Creative.  Since its beginnings, she has used her platform as a way of storytelling without any limits or censorship. We chatted with Brooke about what time periods influence her style the most, and how the people that she comes across day-to-day keep her inspired. Read more below!

Where does the name Filthy Mouth Creative come from and how would you describe the concept behind the brand?
Well, the name Filthy Mouth came about as a nickname years ago when I first met my now-husband. I was in my early 20's, and we had a very wild lifestyle. We had both just moved to Vegas, which is where we met. Vegas was so different, there were like two or three places to go out. Now, there are literally 30 or more nightclubs. Back then it was so "small town," it was like being at Studio 54 in 1977. Let's just say that "Filthy Mouth" was a nickname of mine. My brand is me; it's made up of all the things that I love and that inspire me. No one is hiring me to do a car commercial, and I like it that way. My brand isn't vanilla because I'm not vanilla.

 What made you decide to start your own clothing company? How do you go about sourcing pieces and making them your own?
I started my own clothing brand around 2004. I made each piece by hand and sourced deadstock fabric from Downtown LA. Clothing was always my passion. Around the same time that I met my husband, I met this amazing girl who became my best friend - more like a sister, even. Dara was so inspiring to me. She was taller than me, more mature than me, and just a breathtaking being. She knew how to sew and taught me her skills. I was instantly hooked and we decided to start a clothing brand. Such innocence, we thought we were the next Gucci. Literally. We accomplished a lot in a very short time.

Fast forward 10 years and I began shooting my own marketing and website content after paying for a few shoots that didn't quite capture the vibe I was looking for. I decided to pick up the camera myself and see what I could do. I quickly fell in love with photography and even more quickly, that love took over everything and left me no time for anything else. I still make clothing, just a lot less often.

As someone who is completely self-taught, how did you enter the world of photography and creative direction professionally?
I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. We live in a world of "YouTube" after all. I mean, you can teach yourself to be an electrician from the privacy of your own home. Google it!

You draw a lot of inspiration from the '80s and '90s, why are those your favorite eras?
Absolutely my favorite eras! I was born in the '80s, and the '90s were the most influential time period in my life. I love all of it; I love the music, the neon, the jazzercise, grunge, teased bangs...everything.

What are your other inspirations? How did you develop your dreamy and nostalgic style?
I find inspiration in everything. Music, movies, even a simple piece of clothing can provide enough inspiration for an entire shoot. I love girly things, I love bright colors, and I love bright flash.

“My brand isn't vanilla because I'm not vanilla."

As someone who is an avid user of film, what’s your favorite thing about it? What does film fulfill for you that digital can’t?
I love everything about film. I love that it's suspenseful, you never know how it will really turn out. A film camera is dangerous, you can't see the image just pop up on the screen instantly like digital. Film gets lost, cameras have light leaks, sh*t happens. But I'm drawn to the texture of film and the color. It adds a layer of interest to photographs. Film to me feels more like it's capturing a true and honest moment in time.

What is your creative process behind styling a shoot?
It changes, my process is different for each shoot. Normally I start with a mood board. A collection of images I find that create a feeling or mood that I'm going for. Sometimes I watch a movie or search specific time periods. From there I just think about the shoot night and day. I carry a notepad around everywhere I go. And no, I don't keep notes on my phone, I'm old school - a pen and paper kind of girl.

What’s the most difficult part of being a creative in today’s day in age?
Keeping up with it all. I have to stay relevant and post. Content, content, content. Even when I want to throw my phone out the window and run away from it all, I have to post. I have to keep up and continue to show my work and what I'm doing.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects that you’ve done. Why is it so special to you?
That's difficult because I love and become obsessed with whatever my current project is. But I'd say what stands out most in my mind is a select few. I did a campaign shoot for the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Vegas. The hotel is iconic, it was the main location for the movie Casino. We took it back to the '70s for the shoot, and the images are everything. The hotel loved them so much, they blew them up into 50-foot billboards and plastered them all over the side of the building. Another fave was a road trip shoot I did for the brand Hot-As-Hell. We drove through the desert, and shot in very desolate little towns. The models laid out on lawn chairs in the middle of nowhere and baked cookies on their topless chests in the hot desert sun. It was a blast.

What are some hidden gems in Las Vegas?
So many to mention. The Champagne Cafe, The Plaza, Dive Bar (specifically the bathroom), Retro Vegas, Rollin Smoke BBQ, and Bonnie Springs Ranch.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means I've made it! I've arrived! Do I get an Oscar? Kidding, I think MISSBISH is rad, and I love how empowering it is for women! It brings so much positive attention to powerful and strong, and diverse women. Girl Power at its finest!

Who’s your MISSBISH? Tell us who she is and why she’s an inspiration to you.
She isn't one specific person. I am inspired by so many women. I am inspired by strong, intelligent, open-hearted women. From Coco Chanel, to Diane Von Furstenberg, to the woman next to me at the grocery checkout. I love age, I love daydreaming about the woman next to me in line and thinking about all she's been through, all the ups and downs, all the heartache she's felt, all the love she's had, how she survived, how she pulled through the dark times, how that's changed her face. How deep she knows herself. I envy that. I have found a love of that; a love of challenge, a love of change and growth. As women, we tend to fear age and how that translates to our beauty. We fight it and run away from it, and try to avoid it at all costs. And I get that, I look in the mirror and some days I feel good, and some days I feel less good. But it's all relative to how I'm taking care of myself, what I'm eating, drinking, and if I'm exercising. You get what you give, and you have to do the work to get the results. Balance is key, and I like to live life right on the edge of health and pleasure. My pleasures being tequila and chocolate.

Photographer: Dusty Fruend

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