Getting Lifted with Katie Kaps & Lauren Berlingeri of HigherDOSE

Author: Angela Fernandez

Imagine being able to detox, burn calories, relieve pain, and relax all while sitting in a sauna vibing out to music of your choice. At HigherDOSE, you can do just that. Katie and Lauren have chosen to use infrared technology--which beautifies you inside and out and offers a natural high--versus traditional sauna technology. Check out their full interview below and make sure to book an appointment at one of their locations if you're in New York.

How did you ladies meet and how did HigherDOSE come about?
Lauren: As a former international model and health coach, I was working for a startup called Aloha and searching for the next big thing in health and wellness. I consulted doctors/wellness experts and infrared saunas kept coming up. I started using it and found that it made my skin look amazing and helped me recover from my crazy workout regime. After I started researching the benefits myself, I was blown away by everything infrared could do to help people. I was determined to bring to it to the masses!

Then I met Katie (through a friend), a former investment banker and fellow adrenaline junkie, and told her about the sauna. She tried it and was immediately hooked! She felt the runners high of running six miles without having to do anything. We teamed up to create a movement around getting high naturally through infrared and other next level wellness practices.

At your spa, people can detox, relax, relieve body pain, and much more. Can you explain the difference between your infrared saunas and chromotherapy versus other saunas?
Infrared saunas are like your typical sauna on (non-toxic) steroids. Your regular sauna will allow you to sweat, and only 3% of that sweat will be comprised of toxins. In an infrared sauna, 20% of the particles in your sweat will be toxins—that makes infrared saunas seven times more detoxifying than a typical sweat session. Not to mention, infrared has feel good benefits. The full-spectrum infrared rays cause your brain to release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. You will be sitting inside of the sauna experiencing a full-on runner’s high, without the run.

The chromotherapy is added to the ceilings of our saunas to set the mood—each light color affects your brain in different ways. Our red therapy will stimulate healthy circulation and collagen production, while the purple light will calm and soothe your nervous system. It adds an extra layer of relaxation to your sauna session.

“Our goal is to bring HigherDOSE to everyone who would benefit from it—whether they live in New York or Tokyo."

Currently, you have three locations, do you see HigherDOSE expanding to other states?
Our goal is to bring HigherDOSE to everyone who would benefit from it—whether they live in New York or Tokyo. We are opening our fourth location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this fall, and are allowing our business to grow organically. If there is a market where we feel we can reach people in unique, moving ways without compromising our integrity—we’ll be there.

In the meantime, we are selling HigherDOSE body wraps that you can keep in your home to get the infrared experience anytime, day or night. It’s the perfect solution for someone who travels a lot or doesn’t have a lot of space in their home for an infrared sauna.

How do you want people to feel after they leave HigherDOSE?
Euphoric. Relaxed. Recharged. Reconnected with who they are at their core. Naturally high.

Besides getting high naturally with infrared technology, what else, in your opinion, is important for living a healthy life?
Being around people who inspire you and enjoying your life’s experiences. Within our company and within our personal lives, we want to feel inspired by the people that surround us. We want to be around people we like, and we ourselves want to be happy with who we are. Infrared helped us find that and strengthen our positive ties in our lives—we just hope it can do the same for you.

What has been the most rewarding thing about starting HigherDOSE and what has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?
The most rewarding thing about starting HigherDOSE is to see people experience something that’s meaningful and transformative for them. People exit the saunas speaking about how it’s transformed their health and their state of mind, how it's boosted their self-awareness and expanded their horizons on what being healthy means to them.

The biggest obstacle we’ve had to overcome is learning how to say no to things that drain us. There will be remarkable people and opportunities that look good from afar and are not quite what they seem when you experience them up close. Being honest with ourselves in those situations has been the most difficult obstacle to overcome. We have to put what’s best for our clients first, and that success is what helps us charge forward in those tough moments.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means enjoying yourself while sharing who you are with the world—unapologetically.

Who is your MISSBISH? Tell us who they are and how they inspire you...
Katie: My MISSBISH is Stevie Knicks—she does what she wants, inspires others' hearts to be a little wilder, and isn't afraid to be outside of the box.

Lauren: My MISSBISH is Amma the Hugging Saint because she loves unconditionally.

Photos by: Valine Brana

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