#Girlboss Radio: Get to Know Sara Christensen, Angel Investor & Advisor

Author: Amarachi Nwosu
08.01 / Lifestyle

Being a #Girlboss is not just about finessing business; it’s also about doing it with style, grace, and little research doesn’t hurt either. Sara Christensen is the definition of all things #Girlboss, and this week she made an appearance on #Girlboss radio to talk about marketing, the importance of hiring women and how to connect with venture capitalists. Not only is she the founder of NYC-based juice company Liquiteria, that was established in 2000 before the fresh juice boom, she became an angel investor and venture capitalist working with MTV founder Bob Firm, before becoming Managing Director of private investment firm  the Raptor Group.

Sara's isn't your average story, and it goes without saying that she worked extremely hard to be in the position she's in now. She took risks, and even started her career by knocking on the door of a PR powerhouse to ask for a job. Ladies - believe when we say that she’s someone you want to listen to. Press play below!

Source: #Girlboss

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