Go Blush Yourself | Kendra & Courtney of GBY Beauty

Kendra Studdert and Courtney Casgraux are the dream team behind LA’s favorite beauty salon, GBY Beauty. The two best friends created GBY in 2014 to offer in-house lashes, waxing, microblading, and more. They may primarily offer beauty services at their two LA locations but what has made their business long-lasting has been their vision for trends, styling, and efforts towards making everyone feel their best. Their first venture together, The Cycle Girl, a physician approved brand for teens specializing in feminine hygiene products and education is proof that these two care much more about the whole person: their self-esteem and ambitions, more than just beauty. MISSBISH got to speak with Kendra and Courtney all about their journey, read on to find out more!
How did the two of you enter the beauty world? What attracted you to this industry? 
Kendra: I fell in love with beauty in the '90s. When the iconic Hard Candy nail polishes came out, I was immediately obsessed with beauty after that. From the packaging to campaigns - I was attracted to it all.
Courtney: My first job was in beauty, I've always been in this world. Changing women's attitudes about self-esteem, beauty is the illumination of the soul and that's what keeps me in this industry.
In a time where the definition of beauty is shifting towards women deciding to define it for themselves - how does GBY promote this? 
GBY beauty hails individuality! Favoring freedom and using yourself as a palette for expression is what we find most inspiring. We have used our beauty salons and social platforms to showcase diversity and that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. GBY has become a home to everyone - and we kind of have an unspoken open door policy to anyone and everyone that needs a place to feel accepted. Even though we specialize in beauty, we have become way more than a typical "salon." You never know who you will find at a GBY location just hanging out!
You both are co-founders of GBY Beauty. What are some of the benefits of having a partner to run things with? How do you balance your skill sets with each other?
K: Courtney and I share the same goals, but definitely bring separate skills to the table. Courtney is an extremely passionate person and brings creative energy to the brand. I’m more balanced and detail-oriented, so I make the vision a reality in our day-to-day operations.
You've worked with so many inspiring women from all over to be your ambassadors. What makes a GBY Girl or BOY?
C: Fearlessness, creativity, hustlers, individuals who are steering the youth culture, someone you can relate to on some level and my personal favorite... sexiness. Not the kind of sexy where you are like, "She's hot." It's more like, "Woah, she's hot - look what she can do!" You're scared, but want to be her friend. And a GBY girl/boy LOVES a gloss. If you don't gloss, I just can't.
K: Sometimes it's as simple as a new client walking in, or coming across their IG page. When you know, you know! It's a vibe.
GBY Beauty started in 2014. What are some of the obstacles you both have faced while building GBY? How did you overcome them? 
K: We’ve learned everything we know about business by building this brand, and we have faced and overcome every possible obstacle in the process. The biggest challenge has been learning to push forward through every uncertainty and remaining completely committed to our vision. It takes dedication to build anything, and we’ve put everything into GBY.
What do you envision for GBY in the future? 
K: We just licensed the brand, so new GBY locations will be opening in the future as well as some pretty exciting collaborations we are working on.
Beauty and empowerment go hand in hand - when do you feel the most empowered? 
C: When I see the work I'm involved in and how it's changing the perception of beauty. A GBY pu**y poppin' bikini wax makes me feel sexy and empowered cause I know that means it's going dowwwwn.
K: I feel the most empowered when I see what I have accomplished and how it has affected people around me in a positive way... and a GBY Glow spray tan. Never underestimate the power of a good tan.
The beauty looks you have created feel like they are ahead of the curve and set the trends. What are some of the tools you use when trend forecasting and planning out shoots? 
C: Trend forecasting is kind of a sixth sense and energy we have and it encompasses our brainstorming sessions. I like that the GBY team live by my personal motto - FREEDOM. Whether it be creative freedom, freedom to say really whatever and the freedom to know that anything is possible. It makes for a creative environment that cannot be replicated.
K: It really does come naturally to us... as cliche as that sounds.
In addition to running GBY Beauty, you also have founded 'The Cycle Girl' - which prepares young girls for their first period. What inspired The Cycle Girl? Do you have any success stories you can share? 
K: Cycle Girl was the first project we started together and means so much to us. We actually were inspired by sharing our first menses stories — and shocked to find out that not much has changed in products/education for girls going through puberty. It can be a challenging subject for parents or families to address with their girls, and we wanted to create a space and resource through which girls felt confident and empowered in their experiences. In 2013, we brought Cycle to the Lanterman Regional Center and shared the program with 30 girls. At the end of the program, parents came up to us crying and shared how much it meant to them that their girls had the Cycle Girl support.
What are some of your cant live without beauty products? 
K: Biologique Recherche P50 toner, Coconut Oil, Nars Creamy Concealer and a gloss. Right now I'm currently coveting the Chanel Rouge Coco gloss in #722.
C: Coconut Oil, Water, and Trifecta Therapy facial treatment. It's amazing. It's a treatment that encompasses Microneedling, platelet-rich plasma and PRP stem cells that rejuvenate the skin.
What does MISSBISH mean to you?
C: Be fearless, be you.
K: A great platform supporting authentic, talented and chic AF women.
Who is your personal MISSBISH?

C: Jane Fonda.

K: Oprah + Kelly Wearstler.

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