Grimes Launches an Instagram Account Dedicated to Visual Art

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
01.16 / Art

As a creative, Grimes sinks her teeth into everything she can. Writing, performing, and producing all of her albums, she's proven time and again that she has an original and authentic vision for her music. Not only does she create her own unique sound, she also knows her way around visuals. In the past, she has directed all her own music videos and created illustrations for each track off of her album, Art Angels.

Now, she has started an Instagram completely dedicated to visuals, including her own illustrations as well as art created by her fans. "I get so much incredible art all the time from y'all, but I don't want to spam people on my main account so u can check stuff out at @grimesartofficial."

Creating a space where fans can submit their own artwork and have it showcased for all to see, is just one of many ways she continues to inspire us.

Follow the account here and keep an eye out for some sick visuals.