Hanging Out with Kendall Jenner & Amber Rose at the GUESS x A$AP Rocky Pop-Up in LA

03.12 / Style

The GUESS x A$AP Rocky pop up showcase was like a nostalgic childhood dream - we ate unlimited amounts of cotton candy and ice cream, and played Diddy Kong on the Nintendo 64 with A$AP Rocky himself.

Rocky took over the space and truly made it his own, describing it as a miniature version of his house, and how he imagines a "GUESS Club House" should look. He's always wanted a treehouse and he explained that living in apartment in New York City, that wasn't an option. In the center of the space, there was an installation of a treehouse surrounded with Penny Skateboards and other goodies. The vision for the space definitely coincided with the vision for this collection.

Instagram influencers walked around looking fly as hell, rocking nothing but GUESS or dressed in all denim. Kendall Jenner, Amber Rose, Taco, Shaun D Ross, Christina Milian and many more of A$AP's friends came to support.

The GUESS Club House was to celebrate the collection launch as well as kick-off the two-day pop up shop. Unfortunately, the pop up ends on March 12, but the collection is available on openingceremony.com.

Check out pictures from the party in the gallery above!

Photos by: Christina Choi

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