Here’s What You Missed at Our MISSBISH Sessions: Modern Athletes and How Their Commitment to Fitness Shapes Their Lives

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
12.01 / Fitness

Our November MISSBISH Sessions: Modern Athletes and How Their Commitment to Fitness Shapes Their Lives went down on Tuesday night and if you weren't there--you missed out. We held a Q+A with three inspirational and diverse athletes: Lia Neal, Rebecca Kennedy, and Claire Thielke. We wanted to speak to three different women all in the same industry so that we could get a unique perspective and an inside look at how their commitment has impacted their lives.

A little background on our panelists--Claire Thielke once was a contender to represent the USA in the Olympics a few years ago but most recently climbed Mount Everest where she had to go under intense training in preparation. She also revealed that she once completed Ironman--with NO training at all! Wild. Lia Neal participated on the Olympic swimming team in 2012 and is only 22. She is an active advocate for not only fitness but for maintaining a healthy mindset and positive attitude. Lia let us know she was logging in from her college campus, Stanford, where she is focused on constantly improving both her mind and body. Lastly, Rebecca Kennedy is a New York-based trainer and currently hosts Shape Magazine's Workout Wednesday. She also has been a trainer for Nike, a master trainer for Barry's Bootcamp classes, and really understands what makes for an inspiring trainer. She helps individuals from all over achieve their fitBISH goals.

In addition to speaking about what they have learned about themselves through staying active all their lives, they also spoke on how it has affected their career. Claire wrote that fitness has truly benefitted her, saying, "Work ethic and commitment. If you can wake up day after day and year after year to train hours to cut 1/4 seconds off of your race times, no deal seems too hard to negotiate or promotion too big to strive for." Each of the women agreed that their self-esteem, leadership, and confidence really benefitted from being active and participating in sports and fitness most of their lives.

Women are more likely to stop participating in sports than men are--at a rate of up to six times more. Lia suggested to combat that rate, "I think it's important to let them know of all of the benefits that come along with being in a sport. The teammates, the camaraderie, the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of being the fittest you will ever be in your life, experiencing failure to appreciate the good, the experiences, the list goes on."

Rebecca had some advice on what we can all do to make the transition into a healthy and active lifestyle an easier one. She broke it down simply, "1. Mentally decide 2. Figure out what you actually enjoy (you'll be more likely to stick to it) 3. Only change one thing at a time! One change every three weeks and you'll notice that 'Hey! I'm actually doing this and it's not horrible and I'm not uprooting my life!'"

The session continued for about an hour and ended with the panel speaking on who inspires them, their favorite songs of the moment, and the best pre-workout and post-workout foods!

If you missed this month's MISSBISH Session, don't worry! We aim to have one once a month and you can always join our Slack community to vibe with like-minded women!

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