How Lindsay Jang & Matt Abergel Are Changing Hong Kong’s Restaurant Scene

Author: Zenna Wilberg
05.04 / Food & Drink

Born and raised in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Lindsay Jang essentially grew up in her family's Chinese restaurant. Now, she lives in Hong Kong and runs successful restaurants Yardbird and Ronin, with her partner Matt Abergel. Their innovative take on Japanese food culture and Western dining has contributed to the evolving hospitality industry in Hong Kong over the past six years.

After having moved to New York in 2002, Jang and Abergel both fell in love with Japanese food and community. They gained experience and knowledge from working in high-end Japanese restaurants until 2009, when the pair moved to Hong Kong.

The concept for their restaurants differed greatly from the typical restaurant scene in Hong Kong -- Jang and Abergel introduced encouragement towards patrons to tip staff, a no-reservation policy, and a more intimate, engaging experience with servers.

The result was a more community-based experience and a minimizing of the class system in the hospitality industry. In an interview with VICE, Jang explained, "We would never take credit for the renaissance of hospitality in Hong Kong. I think we've just given people a newer perspective on how to enjoy dining, one that's not quite as polarizing."

Check out their full story here.

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