How This 12-Year-Old miniBISH Brighton Zeuner Became a World Champion Skateboarder

Author: Ali DiEmidio
10.21 / Fitness

It's no surprise that in today's world, the ones who are christened as tastemakers, masters in their fields, and to whom we look to for inspiration, are getting younger and younger. This just happens to be the case with Brighton Zeuner, who at the tender age of twelve years old can now call herself a World Champion Skateboarder. The miniBISH was the youngest female competitor in X Games history back in June (she was eleven), hangs and competes with chicks twice her age, and just took part in the "Voices of the Future" panel for espnW. Rolling Stone recently caught up with the young ingenue -  fresh off of her win at the 2016 Vans Park Series World Championship in August -  to chat about girl skaters coming up in a historically male-dominated industry, her affinity for everyone's favorite bad bish Nicki Minaj, and having set her sights on her next big goal: heading to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020.

"I felt the passion for it when I started skateboarding, and every day I still feel that same spark," she says. "There are all different types and ages of women and girls skating now. It's so cool."

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Source: Rolling Stones