How To Make a Paloma with Missy Flynn | BISHES IN THE KITCHEN

Author: Kristen McCloud
11.01 / Food & Drink

On this episode of BISHES IN THE KITCHEN, our host Debbie Wong is joined by London-based bartender and foodie Missy Flynn.

Flynn co-founded Rita's, a pop-up restaurant in London inspired by American comfort food and famed for their frozen margaritas. She's worked with multiple big names in the London food scene and is already working on her next food venture, Quilombero, with chef Gabriel Pryce.

Today, Missy shows us how to make a classic drink with a bit of a twist. Her version of a Paloma adds some Italian flare to the traditionally Mexican cantina drink. The result - a sweet and refreshing cocktail for you and your girls to enjoy. Peep the video for a closer look!

For more details about Flynn's new project Quilombero, check out @quilombero on Instagram. Also, follow Debbie on Instagram @miss.debbiewong and visit her YouTube channel here for more food adventures.

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