In the Gym With Nike Master Trainer | MISSBISH Kirsty Godso

Last week at our MISSBISH x Nike afternoon retreat in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to train and hang out with Nike+ Training Club Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso. Godso is truly dedicated to kicking ass - making sure to fit in a high-intensity workout at least once a day, everyday. In her interview below, Godso talks to us about everything from training to working for Nike, to her favorite hangouts in her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. Just like the team here at MISSBISH, Godso believes that all women should be able to feel good, look good, and have fun while doing it.

You graduated with a degree in finance and marketing. What was a key moment when you realized you didn’t want to pursue that career path any longer?
I remember sitting in front of three computer screens at one point at this job that I was in, and I was like, this is not for me. My whole day at work, I would think about my next gym session and how great I felt afterwards. The real turning point was actually in Los Angeles, it was the first time I tried a high-intensity workout at an athletic training facility and I was like 'woah, I’m done. Whatever that was, I need it all the time.' Sitting at a desk was just not happening after that.

Even though you aren’t passionate about finance or marketing, has your educational background helped you develop your career further?
Absolutely. I think it’s always important to know how to save and such, and I hope that one day I’ll use my finance degree. I use marketing degree all the time. I’ve actually worked as a brand manager as well. As a trainer, I think one of the most important things is being authentic, and how you convey a message about yourself and what you truly believe in, and not letting everything else that’s going on in the world skew you from that.

You actually have to think about yourself as a brand, even if you’re also working with an amazing brand like Nike. I love bouncing ideas around with the Nike team and yeah, I find that I'm using my marketing degree all the time even if it’s not always explicitly in a marketing sense. I’m so happy that I studied, I think that studying and education are so important. It’s amazing, the amount of trainers that you meet who are like, “Yeah I’ve got a law degree!” or something. I’m like, touché.

What does working with a company like Nike mean to you?
It literally means everything. Nike to me isn’t a brand, because it’s such a huge part of my life and it always has been since I was little. I don’t know what is was, right in the beginning, that made me feel so attached to it. Nike feels like this long relationship that I’ve had, it’s like one of my best friends. I know that sounds like a weird way to describe it, but it’s that embedded into my life. The best thing is that it’s fun. We get to do the things that we love. We work really hard but it’s such an incredible opportunity, like I get to wear cool gear to work every day.

We love that Nike recognizes a variety of athletes and doesn’t limit the definition of a Nike athlete. What are your thoughts on increasing our society’s perception of being an athlete and on body image?
Body image is such a different experience in general these days, because we have so much visibility of everyone around the world, so much more exposure. When I was growing up, we didn’t have social media and we weren’t running around with phones. I just want to motivate people to exercise, whatever body shape you are, whatever age you are. I just want people to feel healthy. Always think about how you’re feeling first before how you’re looking, because if you’re feeling good and you’re enjoying it, then the 'looking good' is going to come.

I think it's super powerful that Nike says everyone can be, and is, an athlete. Especially with tools like the Nike+ Training Club app, where you can do an athlete’s workout and see how they train, and even have a way to communicate with them. It’s a really nice, strong message.

Juggling work, travel, and fitness must keep you busy. How do you balance all of your responsibilities on top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
Balance is something I’m constantly working on. Making sure I always have time with my friends and family is the hardest thing with travel; you miss a lot of weddings, special occasions, etc. Thank God we have FaceTime and the like to stay in touch with everyone!

“Always think about how you’re feeling first before how you’re looking, because if you’re feeling good and you’re enjoying it, then the 'looking good' is going to come.”

What’s a typical day like for you?
Usually I get up at 10 to 5 which sounds awful and, keeping it real, sometimes it is. I do a little bit of mobility work in the morning and then I’ll go to the gym. There’s an Equinox right by my house, and I usually train for 1-2 hours alone or with my boyfriend. I do a huge session in the morning, which I love because it really sets me up for my day. Especially if I’m training other people, it’s so important that I’ve got my own training done.

Then I go home and I love to cook breakfast, it's my favorite meal of the day. I actually had breakfast for dinner last night. The rest of the day will vary, sometimes I’m at a Nike experience or training clients. I’m always checking out other studios and seeing what’s going on. The funniest thing about being friends with trainers is that we all meet up and are like, "oh, let’s go do a workout!" And then at the end of the day you’re like, oops, I worked out for like 5 hours today.

What are three hidden gems in Auckland?
Okay, number one Nico, my cat - no, I’m joking. Okay, my favorite place in the world is called Odette's and it’s, like, the best breakfast and coffee you’ll ever have in your life. I love the manager there, too. I’m struggling so bad without their coffee, so she’s going to send me some. Me and my friends, and all of the Nike girls always go there.

In New Zealand, we don’t have that many boutique gyms or anything like that, but there's one really good barre studio there called Barre Figure run by a girl named Marysa who was in the New Zealand ballet.

My favorite place in Auckland is the Coromandel Peninsula, which is a stretch of the most beautiful beaches. A lot of the time you have to walk up through the bush, and then you have to climb down these little paths before you get to the beach, but it’s so beautiful and so worth it.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
I love MISSBISH because it has attitude in all the right ways. I think it’s female empowerment without being an aggressive feminist. It’s fun! For me, it’s how I want sportswear and training to be fused and to be seen. It makes me feel confident and cool. Not only is it an awesome platform, but it embodies this feeling that I want girls to feel.

Photos by: The Neue School