Indie Beauty Trends | Our Favorite Products from Indie Beauty Expo LA

Author: Diandra Barsalou
02.11 / Beauty

We attended Indie Beauty Expo LA this past week to check out the latest trends on the indie beauty scene. Here are some of our favorite finds.

Products for your lady parts
Radical feminine self-care is here and it’s luxurious, revolutionary, and empowering. At the intersection of self-care, health, beauty, and honest feminism, Rosebud Woman is "intimate skincare as a vehicle for self-love". Natural, plant-based products made for your vagina. After all, we spend a lot of money and time on skincare, so why not on one of our most important and sensitive areas? The line includes honor, refresh, arouse, and calm. Each of the four product offerings is based on years of research and consultation with plant medicine experts in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions, Northern European and American herbalists, and medical doctors. Honor Everyday Balm is the perfect starter, meant for use after showering and before bed. The lightly whipped balm melts into a rose scented oil and into the skin to repair, hydrate, and rebuild buoyancy and youthfulness— hello sunshine! Rosebud also has an illustrated book coming out in collaboration with illustration artist Ouvra titled The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self, an exploration of "all the ways you might be in wonder at the miracle of your own body, and cherish yourself more."

Natural spa line
Alissa Bayer launched Milk + Honey in Austin, TX, after running a spa under the same name for ten years. The organic spa care line is now a comprehensive portfolio of products including skin, bath and body. A small-batch approach allows the brand to focus on clean formulations with high-quality ingredients and organic essential oils. Signature fragrances are also available in luxurious home candles and sprays with scents like Blend N 46, a super cozy combination of vetiver, vanilla, myrrh, and sandalwood. Bestsellers include a natural cream deodorant, and rosehip Everything Oil, a multitasker good for everything from eye makeup removal to cuticle and hair treatment. 

Makeup remover
Blue Lemon Beauty combines herbalist knowledge with carefully sourced whole plan ingredients to deliver phytochemicals directly to your skin. The naturally occurring scent of all their organic products is bright, potent and uplifting, especially the Purifying Elixir Botanical Cleansing Oil which combines rejuvenating sea buckthorn, healing echinacea and myrrh, calming chamomile, and sage which aids in daily cell regeneration. We love that this oil elixir can also be used as a body oil or hair treatment.

Natural Deodorant
Nala Care Detox Deodorant is meant to be used before sleep or before working out. It helps to draw out harmful toxins from your lymph nodes and sweat glands with a combination of charcoal powder, Nala Care’s signature oil and baking soda based formula, as well as mint, lavender, and rosemary. It can be used with other natural deodorants, or to help make the transition from harmful antiperspirants. Nala Care was founded by mother-daughter duo Mila Juristovski Bosnic and Ada Juristovski after the loss of their husband and father to cancer. In an effort to take responsibility for their own health, advocate deep self care, and promote cancer prevention, the duo struck out to provide safe, effective products that don’t sacrifice health. Nala is free from aluminum, phthalates, parabens, petroleum,and carcinogens. 

Eye Serum
On the big island of Kauai, Macadamia, Kukui Nut, and Coffee farmers Sue Mandini and Kollette Stith source ingredients they nurture and grow themselves on their biodynamic farm. Harnessing the power of Macadamia nut, Pure Mana Hawaii products allow the naturally occurring scents of each ingredient to create an honest skincare experience that transports a serum application from the bathroom to the Islands. The scents are earthy, fresh, floral and actively nourishing — macadamia nut oil actually reaches the third layer of your skin. We noticed a difference within three days of using their Vitality vitamin C Eye Serumwhich also contains garnet crystals to blend the oils and stimulate healing energies.

Most excited to try
LaFlore Probiotic skincare includes a powerful trifecta of Pre, Pro, and Postbiotics (seven different strains of yeast and good bacteria) that work together to strengthen your skin’s microbiome — a natural barrier against external stressors and free radicals. Natural plant-derived oils in the formula function as the prebiotics, feeding the skin’s fat-loving bacteria, which survive on lipids. Formulated by cosmetic and pharmaceutical scientist Maya Ivanjesku after years in the cosmetic industry working with brands like La Mer, Jo Malone, Urban Decay, Clinique, and Origins, LaFlore is best for sensitive, irritated or rosacea-prone skin. When your skin’s microbiome barrier is strong, the skin appears hydrated and resilient, and is less likely to redden, sting, burn, flake or break out. Sign us up. It’s also organic.

One to watch
Lanima adaptogenic skincare seeks out traditional beauty wisdom from around the world using wild-harvested and organic ingredients. A holistic nutritionist, Debbi Syms was inspired by the possibility of what a skincare line could create with sustainability, travel, well-being, and beauty in mind. What we love most about Lanima is their philosophy of preserving the planet and improving communities. Each product is made in partnership with local artisans, farmers, and experts, and Lanima is also partnered with a women’s collective in Rwanda. Both the Sustain Daily Powder Cleanser and Sustain Refining Clay Mask include Ashwagandha as a main ingredient, which is known to be calming, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory, and helps increase collagen production.

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