‘Instagram’ Is Officially A Verb, According To Merriam-Webster

Author: Lindsay Jernigan / Photos: Time
09.06 / Lifestyle

Millennials have been shaping culture for several years now, whether it be through fashion, music, culture, or speech. The importance millennials place on social media has been one of the greatest impacts on our society today. The invention of social media has completely transformed the way we interact with one another in our daily lives. In fact, language used on various social media platforms has made it's way into daily conversation. Normalization of this speech has prompted experts at Merriam-Webster to include several social media terms into the dictionary. 840 new words, to be exact.

Among these 840 new words, Instagram is now officially a verb in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Not only that, newly added adjective, Instagrammable, refers to a descriptor of things worthy of sharing. These additions are truly indicative of the profound impact social media has on our culture today. If you're curious about which other social media inspired words have been added to the dictionary, check out Merriam-Webster.


Source: Time

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