Is Pharrell Working On Something With Chanel?

Author: Makeda Sandford
05.31 / Style

Pharrell has always been kind of an enigma to me. Since the innovative recording-artist-gone-creative-director has been in the game for quite some time, you never know where or who he'll end up cheerfully working with next. He's also now known for his crazy big hats and personal unique style, which must attract designers to his creative process. In the past, he's worked with the likes of adidas and Louis Vuitton to craft some pretty creative looks.

Now, in a short video put out by Chanel, we've spotted him observing the production of Métiers d’Art 2015/2016 collection, crafted in Rome in December and set to release next month. So, does this mean the "Happy" singer had his hand behind the scenes, or that he's cooking up something of his own with his pals at Chanel? Although Chanel and his good friend Karl Lagerfeld left his appearance in the video up to interpretation, we're definitely hoping he's putting his two cents into an upcoming project with the culture-shifting brand. And, of course, he must throw in a funky hat somewhere in the mix!