Italian Artist Vanessa Beecroft Sits Down with W Magazine | Her Own Words, On Kanye West

Author: Sequoia Etti
03.18 / Art

After having her work described as "hooters for intellectuals" in the NY Times, she has since been considered a lightning rod in the art world. The contemporary artist has become known for exhibiting her work through project performances and installations that aim to encapsulate women, men, fashion, and the essence of an exposed vulnerability.

When asked about her working relationship with Kanye West she described him as, "one of the most politically experimental & fundamental humanitarians of all time. When I work with Kanye I am liberated by the fact of being a female. I'm free to do whatever I want because Kanye allows it." 

Vanessa believes fashion deals with embellishing humans socially, her interest lies in using the body as a vehicle of communication and clothes as formal elements with political and poetical content. Combine this with Ye, who is an elite of his own as an artist, visionary, poet, designer, and leader of the high-low fashion trends that are currently turning the fashion world upside down, and we have something purely magical.

Vanessa's visual creativity helped create the outstanding scene that was YEEZY Season 3 & the drop of Life of Pablo to a sold out Madison Square Garden.

Source: W Magazine