Jasmine Solano Launches “Unity in Color” for Women’s Rights

01.21 / Art

Artist, DJ, and TV host Jasmine Solano has launched a new social project entitled "Unity in Color."

Unity in Color yields a series of photos taken of inspirational women,  by inspirational women, in hopes of igniting a movement of unity and respect for people of all backgrounds.

"This special artistic photography series represents an array of people from different backgrounds, origin, and race coming together in solidarity of Women's Rights. In the first edition, Los Angeles - 50 women pose together wearing Yellow, Gold, and Tan as a nod to the colors of the early American feminist movements, while expressing their own modern hope & desires for the movement today. Photographed by two women photographers at the Japanese American Culture Center in Little Tokyo - this visual is meant to inspire solidarity for the protection of Women's Rights as we prepare for the Million Women March, its sister marches taking place nationwide and the upcoming inauguration. We are hoping that other groups (men + women alike) will be inspired to conduct their own similar photo shoot in their town."


You can visit UnityInColor.org to learn more about the project and how to become a part of the movement.

Photos By: Bukunmi Grace & Emari Traffie