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If you don't know Jeimy Moonrise, get familiar. The DC fashion blogger is carving her own path, taking a unique approach to everyday wear. Her ambition goes beyond just making clothes look good, however; for each post that she publishes, she makes takes the time and effort to conceptualize and execute unique, original visions. Jeimy knows it's about more than just appearances - it's about hard work, innovation, and passion. Get to know the fashionista below.

Tell us a little bit about how life in the DMV has influenced you as a person?

For people outside of the DMV area, here’s a little background: DMV stands for DC/Maryland/Virginia. I was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, which the second largest county in MD, meaning that depending on where you live in the county, there are different demographics, backgrounds, and cultures. I grew up in the northern part of the county, and what's interesting about that part of PG is that the people who live there all come from different socioeconomic statuses. My high school was a prime example of that. Being surrounded by all types of people and cultures influenced the way I think, they way I dress, and how I deal with others.

What inspired you to get into fashion blogging?
When fashion blogging started growing and I started to read more and more blogs from the DC area, I noticed that there was a misrepresentation of the DC fashion scene. Most blogs were very J.Crew cookie cutter styles, which wasn’t the DC fashion I knew. I grew up waking up early on Saturday mornings for the new Jordan releases, staying at the mall till late afternoon searching for an outfit that matched the colorway perfectly, and setting that outfit out on Sunday night to wear to school on Monday. I remember walking into school Mondays after a release, and seeing how people styled one pair of sneakers in different ways. I wanted to show that other side of DC and that's why I started Moonrise District.

Can you explain to us how Moonrise District came about? What was the inspiration behind your blog's name?
Moonrise District started as a desire to showcase the lesser known, but widely prevalent, streetwear/sneaker culture of DC. Alex, my partner, and I love that culture. With his interest in photography and my interest in street wear, it just grew from there. We actually spent quite some time brainstorming the name. I guess you could say we wanted to show the rise of the darker, edgier side of the district. No, but in all honesty, it’s just an homage to Wes Anderson.

What has been the most rewarding thing about running a personal style platform?
It's been watching our creativity grow and expand over time. As time goes on, I see myself as less of a blogger who just shoots outfits and writes about them, and more of a creative mastermind, someone who wants to create great work because they love the process. Alex and I spend a lot of time conceptualizing shoots and gathering inspiration. Watching the growth of my style and of our photos has been super rewarding. Without Moonrise, we would have never gotten so immersed in the DC creative scene, and I'm so thankful for all of the friends we've made because of it. Also, the doors that it has opened for us. I mean, when I first discovered MISSBISH, I would tag so many of my photos with #MISSBISH hoping to get an IG shout out, and look at me now!

“Create for yourself and not for others."

When did you find your personal style? What inspired you to find it?
My first job was working at a sneaker shop, so I think my first fashion love had to be sneakers. As the years went by, I experimented with many different styles, but I still found myself buying sneakers of all kinds. As I got older, I realized that I really enjoy the easiness of a clean palette and a good pair of kicks. I don't spend much money on clothing, but I will always, always splurge on footwear!

Do you and your business partner ever run into a creative block when brainstorming for a photoshoot?
A lot of times! Alex and I have gotten so picky with what/where/how we shoot that the "traditional blogger" photos are not at all appealing to us anymore. We always want to push the envelope, and that leads to many brainstorming nights - some unsuccessful, but we always seem to pull through and find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places.

The fashion blogosphere has become saturated over the years. How do you maintain a unique identity?
Staying true to my style and not wanting to compete helps me stay grounded. I read an interview from another creative, and she said that “Blogging isn’t to be mistaken for bragging.” That really resonated with me and it’s what I keep in mind whenever I set out to create something new.

What advice do you have for those tapping into the blogging industry?
Create for yourself and not for others.

Name 3 of your favorite spots in the DMV area.
The Hirshhorn for inspo, Seventh Hill for pizza, Air and Space Museum for movies!

What clothing brands are you raving over at the moment?
1. The Frankie Shop
2. Petite Studio NYC
3. Publish Brand Hers

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means badass women who aren't afraid to not fit in. It means individuality and culture.

Photos by: Sabrina Vaz-Holder

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