Jen Atkin Reveals Ouai’s Next Major Launch: Hair Supplements

03.18 / Beauty

Jen Atkin reveals three new Ouai Hair Supplements as her next major launch for her Ouai Haircare line. Atkins made the big announcement via Instagram live video while in Dubai with friend and client, Huda Kattan, and renowned Dr. Lamees Hamdan.

The three are filled with excitement as Atkin explains the supplements that are three years in the making and are available for thin, oily, and dry hair. Each supplement comes in an individual packet making it perfect for girls on the go.

Atkin says, "The whole reason I even started a haircare line is because I really strongly believe that you will not see changes in your hair by just doing external remedies. You need to do internal as well. For years I was sending clients to the health food store to get biotin, fish oil pills, and so I called my lovely friend doctor Lamees."

The supplements will launch on the Ouai website on April 7th.

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