Jess Hatzis, Co-founder and Creative Director of frank body

Author: Kristen McCloud

You can find coffee scrub all over nowadays but the brand that truly pioneered the movement is frank body. Since the company's beginnings, frank body products have been shared all over social media simply because they are that great and, make for a great coffee scrub-covered selfie. frank grasped hold of social media marketing before it was "the thing" to do, and have truly made their mission about the customer since the beginning -- an idea that many brands are only just beginning to discover. We caught up with one of the co-founders, Jess Hatzis, to learn about the key to making a skincare brand as successful as frank. Check it out below!

How did all of the founders meet, and what sparked the decision to create frank body?
We have been friends for a decade and we bonded over our a mutual love for coffee. We had wanted to work together on a project together for a while. We wanted a brand challenge, but more importantly, we wanted to create a product that delivered on its promises, something consumers would love.

You were one of the OG brands to invest in social media marketing, we’ve seen your coffee scrub all over Instagram for years! What’s the key to a successful social marketing campaign?
To us it's like making a great cup of coffee: ditch the latte art and put your own twist on it. Deliver it in a takeaway cup with a funny message written on it and don't let it go cold. Your customers are key, so give them what they want and include them in the process. Hero them, they are your best advocates.

frank body has a cult-like following and your products are super-shareable -- people love taking selfies while covered in your scrubs. Did you expect that this would happen when you first started the company?
No one knew what a coffee scrub was when we launched, so the reason we pushed the content in this direction was really about educating consumers as to what our product was and the benefits of it. We spent a lot of time and love building the community we have today, and we're so grateful that our consumers helped spread the word. We like to think that it's a testament to a great product, as you likely wouldn't spend time showing people photos of something you don't love.

Which frank body product is your favorite and why?
It's a tie between the Cacao Body Scrub, it's amazing and makes the skin all over your body look and feel soft -- plus it smells like chocolate cake -- and the Lip Duo which is perfect for combatting dry skin and making your lips look soft and plump.

Any new products that you’re bringing into the mix?
Our brand new Glow Mask is quite possibly my most favorite product ever. It's sleep in a bottle, packed with antioxidants and caffeine! You use it for 5 minutes in the morning to give your skin a huge pick me up. It's amazing prep for makeup too.

“Never assume you know everything. Being truly confident is being able to admit that you have areas to improve on."

What separates frank body skincare from other popular skincare brands with similar products?
There are lots of great brands and great products out there. We focus on creating natural skincare that works like the synthetic products people might be used to using. No nasties, no added fragrances, no false claims -- just ingredients that love your skin and make you glow.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned since starting your own business and entering the skincare industry?
Never assume you know everything. Being truly confident is being able to admit that you have areas to improve on. It's being able to ask for help and advice. Whilst remembering to follow your gut when you need to.

What is your number one skincare rule?
I have three: Always take your makeup off at the end of the day, always use SPF, and always drink lots of water.

frank body is always raving about coconuts and coffee. If you had to pick only one which would it be?
Coffee forever, babes.

What are three hidden gems in Australia?
Australia is huge! There are so many gems. My favorite wine bar is Marion in Fitzroy, my favorite beach is Wategos in Byron Bay, my favorite cafe is Lawson's Grove in South Yarra, and my favorite hotel is Pretty Beach House in New South Wales.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Girl power.

Who’s your MISSBISH? Tell us who she is and why she’s an inspiration to you.
My Mum, how corny but so true. She told me I could do whatever I wanted, she gave me feedback along the way and encouraged me to dream big. She raised an amazing family, works her butt off, and makes everyone around her smile.

Also, Iris Apfel. She's creative, witty, clever -- everything I hope to be.

Photos by: Valine Brana

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