Jhené Aiko Drops Two Music Videos For Her New Track, “Never Call Me”

Author: Sheila Deiz
03.23 / Music

Jhené Aiko's recently released track "Never Call Me" gets not one, but two music videos that have completely different visuals, each telling a different story. The track storylines a past relationship that Jhené had with a former partner, in which she now realizes that she was too good for him and has moved on.

The "Slauson Hills" version is featured in Los Angeles with clips that move from a high resolution visual to an old school, tape-recorded theme. It centers Jhené meeting up with people who seem to have a tight relationship with her while also including a few rappers like Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy, and more. This version appears more light-hearted, with a relaxed mood that resonates with the LA vibe.

In the other version of "Never Call Me," Jhené portrays a deeper meaning to the video. She is represented as the Japanese Shinto Goddess of creation and death, Izanami no kimono. The video is centered around a funeral ceremony that depicts her ex's ego. In an interview with Refinery 29, she explains, "This funeral is the funeral for his ego. In this visual, I portray the goddess of creation and death, coming to collect his poor spirit and set it free".

Although very different from each other, both videos' key theme is that Jhené has moved on. Check out the videos and let us know what you think!