Jhené Aiko’s Latest Interview With Galore is Empowering & Inspiring

05.19 / Music

Jhené Aiko is a definite MISSBISH - with collaborations with Teva and The Chainsmokers under her belt, her popularity has been steady on the rise. But that hasn't stopped her from keeping her feet firmly rooted to the ground. In her latest interview with Galore, the artist speaks about the ignorance she had to face around her heritage, and seizing your power as a woman. Jhené is truly the "industry's secret weapon" and we highly recommend that you check out the whole interview at Galore to learn more. In the meantime, check out some excerpts down below.

On women embracing their sexuality:

My advice is just to look in the mirror and realize that, you know, you’re equal to a man and anything a man can do, we’re more than capable of doing. And the things men are not ashamed to do, we shouldn’t be ashamed either.

On ignorance about her heritage:

And I’ve had people make racial comments about black people to me not knowing that I am part black, I’ve had people make comments about being Asian to me, not realizing that I’m Asian – or even people not realizing I’m also European. It’s something that I notice every day but I’ve gotten used to the fact that a lot of people still don’t understand the concept of being mixed, you know? So I’m patient with them.

On staying low key:

I’m a regular person just like we all are. I think that’s why it stays low key: because I don’t give in to the hype of anything, not even myself.

Source: Galore Mag