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Author: Marguerite Castaneda / Photos: Nice Paper

If you know MISSBISH- you know what we're about. You especially know that we love supporting women doing amazing things and connecting with our community around the world. Our MISSBISH Slack Community does exactly that. This month, our Slack Session is on a topic we could talk about for hours: cannabis. In our "Weed Like To Know | A Cannabish Talk," we're getting together with Tiffany Chin of Leafs By Snoop and Marta Freedman and Charlotte Palermino of Nice Paper to talk everything cannabis.

The MISSBISH Slack Session will cover the industry surrounding cannabis, consuming, and everything in between. With a focus on education, normalization, and entrepreneurship, the MISSBISH community will be able to chat with women who are focused on all of these tiers and who are working in the industry themselves.

Tiffany Chin is the co-founder of Leafs By Snoop, Snoop Dogg’s line of cannabis products formed in 2015. Chin also works as the brand manager of LBS, which says a lot about how much she gets done for the production side of the cannabis line. The upscale line started in Denver, with plans to continue growing.

Marta Freedman and Charlotte Palermino are the duo behind Nice Paper, a website dedicated to giving you the 411 on all things cannabis. They run the site, create content with all your favorite cannabis brands, and send out a newsletter so you know what’s up. Not to mention, everything they do is with the golden rule in entrepreneurship in mind: being nice.

The MISSBISH Slack Session: Weed Like To Know | A Cannabish Talk, will be held online in our Slack Community on August 30 at 6:15 PST | 9:15 EST.

If you would like to join us, sign up for our MISSBISH Slack Community via the form below and you will receive an email invitation. If you've already joined our community before, look out for an email invite and be ready with your questions!

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