Juicy Couture Makes Fun Of #SPONCON In Its New Campaign

Author: Lindsay Jernigan / Photos: Juicy Couture
08.21 / Style

In the digital age, we've all become accustomed to seeing #ad and #sponsored in our daily feeds. It appears there's no escaping it. Rather than pretend this isn't a daily occurrence, Juicy Couture decided to make a true meta joke about our social media obsessed society with their new ad. In the new Fall 2018 campaign, the brand chose micro influencers to model the new pieces. Stylist Daniel Packar worked with each individual to represent their unique everyday style. Each ad is emblazoned with the title "Paid Partnership With" as a shoutout to Instagram's sponsored posts.

You can check out all the photos from the new campaign above.

Source: Fashionista

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