Kanye West Sharpied a Pair of adidas Gazelles for Kim Kardashian

Author: Angela Fernandez
01.10 / Footwear

With Kim's attempted kidnapping and Kanye's hospitalization, it's been a tough few months for the iconic couple. However, in these recently released pictures, we are reassured that they are well and on the road to recovery.

The images reveal Kanye scribbling notes like "KIM" and "TIL DEATH DO US PART," dismissing any rumors of a possible divorce. Additionally, if you look closely, you might even spot some hints for Kanye's upcoming projects. In Kanye's workspace, the scattered papers are what look like spec drawings for the YEEZY Season 5 collection, along with a tracklist for his rumored album. Although we're unsure what exactly it is he's cooking up, we can only be certain that Kanye has a lot planned for 2017.

Source: KKW

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