Kanye West’s $400 ‘The Life of Pablo’ Jacket Is Being Called Out for Copying

Author: Sequoia Etti
03.31 / Style

In a world of fast fashion, commercialisation, mass reproduction & high-low brow fashion trends, dealing the "copy cat" card in fashion is hard to comprehend in any situation, especially when it's directed at the king of pop culture, Kanye West.

The vintage-looking denim jacket worn by West - and sold for $400 - at his Yeezy season 2 zine launch is scribbled with handwritten phrases like "Hollywood Dope Fiends 4 Ever" & "Nazi Tweeks Rule". The jacket  has caused controversy and discussion from people around the world who instantly recognized the phrases and design of the jacket.

The jacket is a replica of an original that was photographed by Jim Goldberg in '95 on Tweaky Dave, a homeless 19 year old heroin addict, who grew up on the streets of Holywood for 10 years before passing away from Leukemia.

A multi-million dollar celebrity wearing and selling a deceased homeless teen's artwork as an expression of his own identity - is it distasteful, copy-cat product, or an extension of creativity?

Source: i-D

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