Katie Willcox Always Keeps it Real, Here’s Why You Should Too

Author: Kristen McCloud

In a society where authenticity is seemingly becoming a lost art, Katie Willcox is bringing it back and redefining what it means to be healthy and successful. Author, wife, mom, public speaker--Katie wears many hats and leads a busy life, but physical and mental health are always at the top of her agenda.

As we all know, social media platforms like Instagram--where body/facial modification apps run rampant--make it hard to decipher between what's real and what's fake, making body image issues a serious problem in today's culture. Katie hopes to turn this around and has even released her own book, Healthy Is The New Skinny, to teach others how to love themselves and their bodies again.

We visited Katie and her family in her beautiful home--which doubles as her office--to learn more about the change she is trying to make and why it's important to remain true to yourself.

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