Kendra Bailey’s Guide to Clear Skin

Author: Kristen McCloud
11.29 / Beauty

Kendra Bailey recently let us in on some of her favorite beauty hacks for creating her favorite makeup looks. While playing around with different shadows and lipsticks is the fun part, we all know that the canvas laying underneath it all is just as important. Kendra's skin has been on its best behavior for quite some time now, and it's all thanks to some of her favorite skincare products. Check them out below!

Clean and Clear Acne Control Face Lotion
This was actually suggested to me by a friend about 5 months ago and I haven’t stopped using it since. I apply a decent amount every night before bed. I also bring it with me when I travel and it helps keep my breakouts to a minimum.

Sea Breeze Toner
This was suggested to me by my parents, actually. These people don’t know what aging is-- their skin has been on point for as long as I can remember. This product is super cheap and I can feel it cleaning deep into my skin. I’ve used it religiously after I wash my makeup off for about a year or so now.

Aloe Vera
Last but not least; it's a very healing plant. It helps fight against acne, aging, and treats sunburns. I've read in some articles that it's referred to as the plant of immortality by Egyptians. It’s kept my skin looking this good for THE LONGEST--don’t sleep on Aloe Vera.

Definitely all worth a purchase to have flawless skin!

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