Korean Fashion Brands To Watch For (A to Z) pt. 1

09.07 / Style

Korean fashion is on the radar for many fashionistas out there, but it can be difficult to know where to look for the right brands and find that one piece that no one else has. We thought it's only fair to introduce Korea's most exciting and funky street fashion brands for you to get obsessed over. Get a closer look below!

Ader Error 
If Vogue gave a nod to this brand by introducing it as "Korea's Answer to Vetements," then you know you have to give Ader Error a look. This brand features eclectic and whimsical designs on unisex basics, with a unique sense of style that you can see straight away from just one glance.

Andersson Bell 
Classy as its name, Andersson Bell is a unisex contemporary brand that aims to be the new standard for the young and artistic. Carried at Barneys New York and HBX, this young brand is making its way to being the go-to brand for trendsetters who love bold graphic prints and exaggerated fits.

APOC (A Piece of Cake) 
A Piece of Cake delivers a range of unisex apparel and accessories in yummy patterns and food related graphics. Their designs are whimsical and cute--including a tee that utilizes Gucci's double G logo to represent Grape Gummies. You know you have to get your hands on this brand if all of the local celebrities and artists are spotted wearing it.

Beyond Closet 
Mainly a menswear brand, Beyond Closet is one of the hottest labels in Korea, and well-known for its great collaborations--this year being with ODD FUTURE and colette. Their simple silhouettes make it easy for girls to get their hands on them as well.

Influenced by movies and music of various cultures, Charm's develop their designs as a matching set for the modern couple. Their designs are on-trend and heavily focused on the '90s nostalgia with their multi-colored joggers and big logo graphic tees. The next time you decide to find a matching outfit with your significant other, you know where to look.

Chance Chance 
Take a chance on Chance Chance to give you the basics that you need to pull off a cool streetwear look. From simple graphic tees to comfy slides, Chance Chance makes it easy for you to style your outfits.

Covernat began with utilitarian, outdoor, and vintage fashion pieces as a base for their inspiration. Looking to the past for new interpretations of their collections, Covernat focuses on quality and craftsmanship as they design. The brand offers great basics and accessories for both men and women.

Cres E. Dim.
Cres E. Dim derives from the musical term "Cresendo e Diminuendo," which means "gradually louder" and "gradually softer." Designer Hong Bum Kim created Cres E. Dim with this philosophy in mind, developing new silhouettes through experimentation and achieving balance through his fashion. Expect to cop some one-of-a-kind statement streetwear pieces that will get the crowd talking.


D'Antitote strives to be a gender-fluid brand although its roots are deep in menswear. As their name suggests, D'Antitote strives to detoxify the people from the current fashion market and connect luxury and fast fashion together. Loved by celebrities both locally and internationally--and their collaboration with FILA will definitely make you want to check them out.

Eye Eye

The second brand to Kathleen Kye, Eye Eye is a brand with a more young and cheerful approach, providing contemporary womenswear pieces and cute unisex streetwear items with a unique flare. The heart shaped logo adds a nice touch to the bright colored t-shirts and sweaters.

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