Korean Label Ader Error Will Be Your Wardrobe’s New Best Friend

Author: Ali DiEmidio
10.22 / Style

Vogue Magazine recently took a trip to Seoul, South Korea to visit to the showroom of design collective and our latest obsession Ader Error. The word “Ader” is the phonetic Korean pronunciation of “other” and plays into the brand’s search for unorthodox style or "near-missed" things. Formed in 2014 by a group of Seoul-based friends, Ader Error puts a personal twist on unisex clothing with cheeky graphics and illustrations, but also with an endearing punch of nostalgia.

“There are things from our childhood that, when we look at them again as adults, we find they have new value,” explains Jeon, an Ader board member. “We’re returning to the clothes we wore when we were young—easy-to-wear, everyday items like sweatshirts and hoodies—but seeing them in a new way, and appreciating their design.”

While the brand may draw comparisons to streetwear favorite Vetements - most visibly with offerings baring brazen statements a la “Your Life Is a Joke” across a pair of socks or “Not Yet” scrawled down an unzipped fly - their price points are way more reasonable. And unlike Gvasalia and crew, this collective also prefers to maintain personal anonymity, going only by nicknames and including creatives from fashion designers to illustrators, marketers and merchandisers.

Check out photos from the brand's look book above, read more about Vogue's visit to the Ader Error showroom here, and get your hands on the good stuff right here.

Source: Vogue | Photos by: Sojin Park