Learn How to Be a Good Weed Citizen

Author: Zenna Wilberg

Thanks to the growing legalization and the declining stigma around recreational marijuana use, Rolling Stone put together a guide on how to best enjoy cannabis -- and how to make sure everyone around you can, too.

Sharing: Unless your stash is strictly for medical purposes, offering marijuana to those around you is not only a good way to make friends, but also important in helping to de-stigmatize recreational marijuana use. If you can introduce marijuana to your less cannabis-savvy friends, and educate them on proper use, that'll go a long way. That being said -- if others aren't interested, definitely don't pressure them.

Dosage: Especially when it comes to edibles, it's important that everyone knows how much to consume in order to have a good time. Knowing factors like how much a person exercises, how much cannabis they use, how much food they can eat, how recently they ate, and how high they want to be is paramount in ensuring they take the right amount.

Avoiding paranoia: Paranoia is often a reason given for why people think they don't enjoy marijuana, but it's actually pretty easy to avoid. Ensuring products have a good ratio of CBD in comparison to THC is a good way to avoid potential side effects like paranoia, because CBD is not psychoactive. CBD also works as an antidote to THC, inhibiting its psychoactive effects.

Containing the smell: If you're consuming marijuana in a public setting, be aware that not everyone likes the smell. As a courtesy, consider vaping or edibles in these scenarios.

Check your privilege: Be aware of the fact that people of color are targeted more frequently for weed-related arrests than Caucasians. Consider supporting political movements that aim to end these disparities, as everyone should be able to enjoy marijuana equally.

Keep it clean: Cleaning your bong or pipe regularly with isopropyl alcohol, hot water, and salt is key to ensuring everyone's enjoyment.

Watch for pesticides: Marijuana farmers often use chemicals on their plants in order to prevent mold, mildew, and mites. These chemicals contain carcinogens and neurotoxins, so ask your dispensary for pesticide test results.

Source: Rolling Stone | Photo by: CR Fashion Book

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