Learn How to Build a Brand in 2017 From Glossier CEO Emily Weiss

02.23 / Lifestyle

Glossier, whose mantra is "skin first, makeup second," is a cosmetics company currently best known for their product, the "Boy Brow." But unlike other cosmetics companies, Glossier has communication channels that are open to any of its consumers, which helped the brand earn its loyal following.

Emily Weiss, who is the founder of Glossier, spoke at a StirctlyVC event in San Francisco to explain how her brand focuses on engaging customers in ways that other brands have neglected. She also mentioned the role of her site Into The Gloss, which was launched several years before Glossier. Emily was interviewed by Eric Liaw of IVP, giving more insight into how the brand came to be and how potential brands can flourish in the years to come.

When asked about why Glossier was launched three years after Into The Gloss and if it could've been launched in reverse order, Emily answered that it will always be a "content-first" company. While interviewing many influential people, she had noticed that although many women can have a certain affinity with a brand, they don't necessarily know the true essence of its values. She took the opportunity to improve the lack of communication by “building a company around what women want, not just from a product perspective but from an engagement perspective, from a distribution perspective, and from a values perspective.”

In regards to the brand's authenticity and other reasons why it gained such loyal customers, Weiss says, “Ultimately we’re making and selling a consumer good that needs to work and that needs to make customers happy.” She explained how communicating with their customers in the same way they'd communicate with their friends has helped them build that trust and loyalty.

She also talks about how Glossier supports and acknowledges other brands. She says, “In the old days of beauty marketing and even still today, beauty brands refuse to show other brands in their Instagram feeds; they live in their own world of Cover Girl and they aren’t acknowledging customer behavior. [T]he reality is that [women] are mixing and matching and everyone is creating their own recipe for how they want to look, and we at Glossier really encourage and celebrate that.”

Weiss goes on to explain that although most of the company's customers are younger users, they also have a number of older women who like their products. She notes that she reads every single comment, sharing her recent favorite which was of a customer tweeting that Glossier was the first brand they can "pass up" to the older women in their lives.

On the topic of user feedback, Weiss elaborates, “In our product development cycle, we ask and listen to our customer about what she wants.” Aside from their active Instagram account, Glossier now has a Slack group for its few hundred "top" consumers. “There’s this whole network of women who are connected through Glossier,” she says.

What's next for Glossier? Emily Weiss says their next focus will be on the international growth of the brand as well as to "stoke" their "friend-of-a-friend recommendation system."

Source: TechCrunch

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