Learning How to Feel Good From the Inside Out With FitSphere Founder, Liv Lo

Author: FengLin Soo / Photos: Sally Waldorf
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Inspired by personal practice and one's fitness journey, FitSphere is a yoga and HIIT low impact body weight workout online that can be learned at your own pace or time, and does not require any equipment—the only tool you need is you. The Singapore-based founder, host, and certified yoga instructor, Liv Lo, picked up yoga at 21. FitSphere features Liv's own real and human experience to help individuals with or without any knowledge of exercise achieve their fitness goals. Read more to find out why the multihyphenate is so passionate about fitness, how to reap the benefits of yoga/HIIT, and how she stays motivated below.

Before becoming a certified yoga instructor and living life in the entertainment industry, you worked as a model. What made you pursue fitness and switch fields?
A lot. I think as a model, you are not really allowed to be extremely fit. It's good to maintain your body with light exercise and the moment you start to get any kind of shape, it really goes against the modeling image. In the modeling industry, they expect you to be thin but you can't really work out too much so it's kind of contradicting that you can't really be healthy as a model, especially when you get older and you do need to work out a bit more to stay lean and slim. I knew that I had to quit because everything was just going against what I felt to be true. I like working out and I love yoga. I love to be active and yet they would photoshop my muscles out or they would photoshop my abs or my curves; consistently telling me I was too fat and what not. I knew I had to change and yoga instructing was an alternative for me. I left the modeling industry and got my yoga teacher training, and that started the path all the way 'til now.

What inspired you to start FitSphere?
What inspired FitSphere was my personal practice. I have been practicing yoga for 11 years and teaching for about three and I noticed that as you learn the lineage of yoga and the traditions, yoga isn't essentially made as a workout. Exercise is a benefit from the asana as well as a stronger physique but it isn't something that you can actually go to for fitness. Overall health is something that you can attain from yoga--a strong mind, good breath, and good posture but it's not something that historically or traditionally you are supposed to go through to be fit, so that was a contradiction for me. I wanted to work out so I started to look to other kinds of exercise. I started doing HIIT because I could do it in my own time at home; no time constraints and I didn't need anything or accessories— resistance bands, weights or balls. I just needed to learn how to do some simple moves and I could get an optimal workout.

So combining them was very natural for me; it just went from there and I developed this theory of movement--this combination of mind, body, and breath but also a workout that can up your fitness to the next level using only what you have.

What makes FitSphere different from the other fitness channels?
It is very personal. It is my personal journey as my personal practice. Once you join FitSphere and get through the first program "Bold Beautiful Body," you will be able to get my personal story and journey of diet and beauty. My story explains where I come from and where I am at now and how to use my very real and human experience to better your life and to use my tips to kind of shortcut to getting what you want. I kind of believe that everyone is perfect just the way they are, they don't have to change who they are to be more beautiful--I think women are beautiful as they are. So that's what you can get as a member of the FitSphere. Exclusive membership access, recipes from me like my favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also tips and news on my public and live classes.

"Fitness is not a goal, it's a lifestyle. I say on FitSphere that feeling good is the new looking good; so when someone says you look great, that means you are feeling good too."

Why the combination of HIIT and yoga?
Yoga doesn't have those burst movements and I really love to mix the combination. HIIT has circuits in it, it has jumping and uses dynamic moves that can really benefit your yoga practice as well because you're learning how to take it to the next level through strength, conditioning, and training.

How has yoga and HIIT changed your personal lifestyle?
Yoga and HIIT have changed my life a lot. Now I have no excuse not to workout and I get to share my workout with my followers. I love to workout once or twice a day now. Fitness is not a goal, it's a lifestyle. I say on FitSphere that feeling good is the new looking good; so when someone says you look great, that means you are feeling good too.

How do you stay fit and motivated even on holiday?
People are waiting and depending on my creativity and that's what pushes me, so it helps me to keep developing and to keep pushing ideas. Because I have had certification in training, I know how to practice safely and that's something I can pass on through social media. It's not just out of the blue, random thoughts--I can actually use my platform to teach people to use what they have which is their own mind, body, and breath. Also, looking at yourself in the bikini is a great motivation (laughs).

What's one change you've made and not looked back since?
My career shift. I've never looked back to modeling. It's something that has given me a lot of confidence in taking photos but it's not something that I will go back to. I know what it is to be restrained and held back and told what to do. Being able to change that around to positivity and being able to develop my own program and inspire others, there's nothing better. No looking back from that.

One quote that you live by?
"Wellth is the new wealth" - Jason Wachob. Being well and living well. Looking good is the new feeling good--your health is no longer a luxury, everyone can achieve it and all you need is you!

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
It is a very motivating arena for entrepreneurs and girls who are looking to elevate themselves. It is a platform where everyone is on the same level and they are putting their word out there and I think it's really motivating and inspiring just to see how many people are changing the world by doing what they do.

Who's your MISSBISH? Tell us who she is and why she's an inspiration to you.
Girls like Alexia Clark and Amanda Bisk give me fitspiration. I think a MISSBISH is a warrior--I call the girls who do FitSphere superwomen because we all have that person inside of us. The person who challenges themselves and works for what they want.


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