Learning How to Take More Risks With Fitness Influencer Kallie House

Fitness and wellness enthusiast, Kallie House, proves that no matter where you're at in life, it's never too late to pursue your passions. After making the decision to prioritize fitness a few years ago and recently leaving her teaching job, Kallie is now a fulltime fitness influencer who has been able to make a career off of sharing her healthy lifestyle with thousands of people around the globe. We caught up with Kallie to learn how she was able to make such a huge transition into the fitness world, and what keeps her motivated to finish what she's started. Get to know her below!

You started your fitness lifestyle back in 2015. What challenges, if any, have you encountered while transitioning into a fit and healthy lifestyle?
The transition wasn't easy. I had to buckle down and be strict with myself. In order to make it a habit and stick to it, I knew I would have to eat in a way I hadn't eaten before and stick to a workout schedule--not just when I felt like it. I would also have to change my social life in certain ways. At first, I had friends questioning what I was doing when I wasn't drinking on the weekends and that pressure was tough but I got used to it and so did they. The food was the biggest challenge and adjustment for me. I had to train myself to eat more throughout the day and spent much more time figuring out my meals and snacks and had to practice a lot of self-control and discipline.

Here at MISSBISH we love to celebrate women empowerment and being true to oneself, when do you feel the most empowered and what do you do to help with your self-confidence?
I feel most empowered every time I finish a tough workout that I gave my all into and when I think about how I left a safe and stable career to follow my passions in fitness. In those moments I feel, strong, brave and accomplished. They are things that I did on my own, for myself. To help with my self-confidence I do a few things: I think about how far I have come in the past few years, I pick something about myself I love and I remind myself that no one else is me and that being me is pretty damn special.

What does being "body positive” mean to you?
I think being body positive means that you see your body for more than just its physical features. To be body positive you have to practice being kind to your body. You don't always pick apart things you don't like and can find comfort in your own body and all you have built. If I am ever feeling down about my body, I remind myself of all the amazing things my body is capable of. It's really incredible when you appreciate your body for all it can do rather than focusing on the cellulite on your legs, your bulging biceps, abs, or anything else like that.

"I feel most empowered every time I finish a tough workout that I gave my all into and when I think about how I left a safe and stable career to follow my passions in fitness."

What motivates you to get up and kick ass every day?
It is very much a habit of mine to go workout and live a healthy lifestyle so my motivation is very much internal. But I would also say what keeps me going is wanting to inspire others. I pride myself on being a relatable normal person and I am fortunate to be able to show people on social media that if I can do it they can, too! Also, since leaving my job as a teacher I am in a position where I don't have much of an option when it comes to kicking ass. I need to kick ass. I have to put myself out there and make mistakes in order to grow and make it on my own and create a path and a new career for myself!

Part of your motto is about being a badass and never settling. What does this mean to you?
As someone who was in the profession of teaching where every action was watched and there were "right" and "wrong" ways to act, I didn't want to lose my inner badass. So much of my day was based around others and I wanted to always maintain my sense of self and know that no matter what life looks like, I can still be a badass woman in the gym and in life. Never settling goes right along with that. I have always told myself that I never want to settle for anything. I have never wanted to be one of the people who are unhappy with where they are at and what they are doing--it just doesn't make sense to me. I took the gigantic leap to leave teaching this past year to follow my dreams and to practice what I preach--and let me tell you, it feels damn good!

What are your go-to workouts at the moment?
I am currently loving SoulCycle and HIIT workouts. The dark room, loud music and riding to the beat, mixed with the intensity of the workout and inspiration is what makes me love SoulCycle. I also know how important cross-training is, so I am enjoying making up my own HIIT workouts at the moment. They are quick but get the job done and I am working on building my strength in all areas, so they are great!

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