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03.15 / MISSBISH Flex Zone

We just can't get enough of Marawa the Amazing. So we indulged in a bit of girl talk with world record-breaking diva who – armed with an infectious energy, a go-get-‘em mentality and killer style – is roller-skating and hoola hooping her way to hearts around the world.

Marawa the Amazing, what qualities do you think makes a woman ‘amazing’?
I think all women are amazing! We have amazing bodies that can make amazing shapes. We have the strongest minds and throughout history continue to achieve so much. Just being a woman is amazing in itself!

You’ve broken over 5 world records – that’s awesome. Why is it important to you to constantly push yourself?
Life is too short, literally, if there is nothing stopping you, you might as well be pushing yourself, right? The thing that I find interesting with records is that every time I break one I think - that's it, I can't do anymore and then I give it a month or so before I start thinking, "well, maybe," and then I know I want to try and find a way to do more!

How does it feel when you break a new world record?
It's pretty much the best thing ever. I always wanted to be in the book as a kid, so it's like all my childhood dreams coming true! That sounds so cheesy, but it's true so...

“Leave the world a better place than how you found it” is one of your mottos – how do you think you’ve made a positive impact on the world, as well as on young women?
I try to make sure that everything I am working on always comes back to that. I mean, I do big shows, etc., for the money - we gotta pay the rent! But the work that makes me the happiest is working with young women who are looking for ways to express themselves, or get fit, or just be around other young women and our hoop crew provides that support network. I try and grow that everywhere I am, even when I am travelling.  Everyone loves to hoop, and I want to share that with everyone.

Hoola Hoops – the most underrated workout or nah?
100% the most underrated. It's literally the greatest full body workout of all time. I will teach you!

“All women should be free to feel these things in themselves and make the most out of their lives!”

How did you get into hoola hooping and what do you love about it?
I did rhythmic gymnastics as a kid - then later went to circus school and studied it.

How do you stay fit, healthy and balanced when you’re constantly on the road?
Water. So much water and planning ahead because airport food is the worst. Always carry snacks and eat bananas! And jump rope. You can jump rope anywhere.

What did circus school teach you about confidence?
Everything. I specialised in swinging trapeze. I was so terrified being up there, I was in no way a natural and doing it made everything that happened on the ground in real life seem way less intimidating.

Where do you look to for inspiration or joy when you’re having an off day?
Bookshops and roller rinks. Being online all the time makes you really appreciate a good art book, I love that. And there's magic at the roller rinks. My favourite skaters are the older skaters who have been coming for years, it's ingrained in them. They carry their skates in beautiful old cases and lace up, hit the rink, and they look so happy. That's what I want to be like when I'm 90 years old.

The PUMA Woman is brave, confident, determined, and joyful. How do you relate?
I aspire to all of those things. It's a great mindset to be in. With those skills you can really make anything happen - all women should be free to feel these things in themselves and make the most out of their lives!

Photos by: Ja Tecson | Styling: PUMA Blaze, PUMA PWRSHAPE Forever Bra, PUMA Shorts, PUMA Track Jacket 

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