Lilly Singh is the New Face of Pantene with Priyanka Chopra


November 14, 2017


Almost a year ago, Pantene announced Priyanka Chopra as the new face of Pantene and now, YouTube star Lilly Singh joins her in a new campaign.

“I’m THRILLED to announce that I’m officially a Pantene girl!” Lilly captioned on her Instagram. “A lifetime of growing my hair has finally paid off. The ten-year-old me is shrieking! Yeah, girl!”

Sharing a series of photos and videos from the new campaign, she went on to write, “Special thanks to everyone involved in making this happen. It’s an absolute honour, especially to work alongside my sis Priyanka Chopra.”

Also known as “Superwoman” on her social media platforms, Lilly has 12 million YouTube subscribers and joining Priyanka on this Pantene campaign is well-deserved.

Source: PopSugar