Listen To Frank Ocean’s New Song, “Memrise”

Author: Nicole Fung
11.29 / Music

Frank Ocean has returned from his hiatus with a teaser of his new song, "Memrise." It's been two years too long since we've heard any of the Grammy award-wining singer-songwriter's musical genius. Frank Ocean set the bar pretty high with his debut record Channel Orange. Here's a little taste of Frank's next album from his Tumblr page which has left us thirsting for more.

"Memrise" Lyrics
I memorized the wayward expressions
Never look down
Never let you see me down
I memorized the way no directions
Can I come over now
I’d like to stay a little while
I memorized your body exposed
I could fuck you all night long
From a memory alone

I never forget a face
Don’t go plastic on me
Nothing’s set in stone
You’re not dipped in gold
Dipped in gold
You can’t breathe if you’re dipped in gold
You are not on paper
You are not a copy
You’re so, you’re thick, so thick

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